Emmanuelle In Space: A Lesson In Love


#3 in this DVD collection of the classic Softcore TV series produced by Alain Siritzky and directed by David Cove, with J. Alexander Feffer listed as screenwriter. This disc, and the three episodes collected on it, are a bit of a switch from what we’ve come to expect from this show, in that the primarily focus is not Emmanuelle or even Haffron, but rather on crewmember Tasha, played by Tiendra Demian. Haffron decides that Emmanuelle should take Tasha to Earth to teach her as much as possible about sex. Normally I’d be disappointed, since the main reason I watched this show was for Krista Allen. But Tiendra has her own sex appeal that is attractive. She short and petite, blonde with small breasts, so she’s almost the complete opposite of Krista. But she really puts her all into her sex scenes, making them look as real and erotic as possible.

First Emmanuelle takes Tasha to Las Vegas, where they get a free room in a luxury hotel, compliments of the manager who happens to be a friend of Emmanuelle’s. Emmanuelle undresses Tasha and caresses her body in a very erotic scene, and then draws her a bubble bath, surrounded by candles. While Tasha is in the bath, Emmanuelle sits on the edge of the tub and reaches into the water between Tasha’s legs and masturbates her. Then they go back to the bed, where Emmanuelle starts kissing Tasha’s nude body. Then Emmanuelle takes off her own clothes and instructs Tasha to touch her and kiss her breasts. Tasha enjoys it immensely, and Emmanuelle decides that now Tasha is ready for sex with a man. So they arrange to have dinner with Eric (Derek Krueger), and then afterwards Emmanuelle instructs them on how to have sex. She leads them to the bedroom and stands in the doorway and tells Tasha and Eric how to kiss and strip each other, and then tells Eric to pick up Tasha and take her to the bed and get on top of her. Emmanuelle masturbates while watching them and they all climax at the same time. It’s very hot.

Next Emmanuelle takes Tasha to a Cruise ship where a friend of hers is hosting an annual Valentine’s day masquerade ball. Tasha meets a man (the character is never named, so I don’t know what actor plays him) and they go into a cabin and have sex in another hot scene. Afterward she rejoins the party and meets a man named Frank, played by Robert Nassry (who played Richard in First Contact) and goes off to a cabin to have sex with him. Meanwhile, Emmanuelle herself meets up with a man named Dimitri (Carl Ferro) and they go to a cabin to have sex, except the scene is shut completely in the dark, so we can barely see either of them beyond just their silhouettes. It was so frustrated to watch because it looked like it was a hot scene with Krista fully naked, but it wasted since we couldn’t really see anything! Sheesh.

And then lastly, back up on the spaceship, Emmanuelle thinks Tasha is ready to seek out new lovers on her own. So, using her teleported, Tasha goes around the world and hooks up with different men. First in America she has a romantic dinner with a guy named Max (Jack Lawson, who played Philip in First Contact) in his apartment and then has sex with him on his couch. Then in Spain she has sex with an unnamed Matador. Then in Paris she has sex with an unnamed painter at his place. And finally in Hollywood she meets a famous movie director and has sex with him backstage.

It’s all pretty random, storywise, but the sex scenes are hot. Again, Tiendra Demian is no Krista Allen, but there’s no denying that she’s sexy. And this disc is worth it. Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

Emmanuelle in Space – The Complete Collection

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