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Good ol’ Allen West, right-wing wacko extraordinaire. Even his own party didn’t want him in office. But that hasn’t stopped him from shuckin’ and jiving for the GOP. I recently saw this video he posted on his website of him speaking at the Church of the Apostles in Atlanta, Georgia:

Do not let people separate your faith heritage from your nation

I posted a direct link to be fair and balanced, but if you don’t want to actually click on his website and give him the views, here’s the video itself:

It’s basically the typical right wing Christian talking points about needed God in schools, etc (he actually talks about how his High School football team used to pray before every game and they never had any illnesses or injuries (implying that God specifically protected his football team…okaaaay). His repeated line is that “American patriotism is rooted in Christian patriotism.”

So, what? Does that mean you can’t be an American patriot unless you’re a Christian? And then he tries to make this stupid argument that I’ve seen popping up on the internet from a lot of right-wingers lately, which is that because the exact phrase “separation of church and state” doesn’t actually appear in the U.S. Constitution or Bill of Rights, then that means there is no separation of church and state (and, of course, when right wingers talk about “church,” they only mean Christianity, because to them all other religions are false, including Jews who are just “pre-Christians”). He pulls out his little copy of the Constitution (that’s another right winger tactic, carry around the Constitution to prove how American they are, same as wearing a flag-pin) and smugly says “Show me”.

Really, Allen West? Really?!?

What part of “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;” is not clear to you? Trying to argue otherwise is just idiotic semantics.

And I can play that game, Allen West. When you say that American Patriotism is rooted in Christian Patriotism, I’ll link to the Constitution and ask you: SHOW ME. That’s right, show me where it says Christ, or Christianity. Just once. Show me. I’ll wait.

Yeah, thought so.

I also love the part where he complains about needing metal detectors in schools, and kids bringing guns. So I guess his solutions to that is we need to impose prayer, specifically CHRISTIAN prayer, in schools. No, the problem can’t possibly be easy access to guns, he’ll be the first to argue against gun control laws, we just need JESUS in our lives. What a tool.

I hope this fool does listen to all the White people on his blog who beg him to run for President. When he’s humiliated in the race by not winning even a single primary, maybe that will teach him a lesson, that the tea-baggers only like him as a token that they can point to to prove that they’re “not racist,” but they’re never going to give him any real power. They’re not going to willingly put another Negro in the White House, no matter how much he tap dances for them.

And if the Church of Apostles is going to host such blatantly political speeches, then they need to lose their tax exempt status.

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