This is the recently revealed “cover” to Nicki Minaj’s latest single, which has gotten all of the internet talking. First, I’ll freely admit that I’m an older dude, I grew up on rap from the 80’s, so I can’t really relate to most of what passes for rap music these days beyond Jay Z, Eminem, and some random songs here and there. So maybe it is a generational thing (BTW you kids get off my damn lawn). But I do think it’s a sad statement that this is the kind of thing Minaj has to do to get attention for her new song. And this is the kind of thing I only ever hear about her. She wears colorful wigs and dresses provocatively.

Now, secondly, I’m no prude. I think my category full of reviews of softcore films is a testament to that. I like sexy women. I like naked women. I look at porn. There’s nothing wrong with using sex appeal to market yourself. But there is when that’s all you have to offer. Believe me, there’s no “slut shaming” going on here. She and any other woman can dress how she wants to. But I can’t help but wonder, when was the last time Nicki Minaj got headlines for her music alone? Where are the rap fans talking about her lyrics, instead of her body? And what does that say about the state of female rappers today?

I remember a time when there were several dope female rappers who could give the men a run for their money, when it comes to lyrics. Back in the day we had Queen Latifah and Monie Luv both killin’ it on the mic.

And M.C. Lyte could tell a story like nobodies business.

And when Yo-Yo said don’t play with her, you knew she meant it!

And Roxanne Shante, who wasn’t afraid to call out anyone.

Now KRS-One you should go on vacation, with your name sounding like a wack radio station…
That cracks me up everytime I hear it!

And then of course, the Queens of Rap, Salt-N-Pepa. Even when they did songs like Push It, it was more suggestive not blatant.

And they didn’t need to wear thongs while performing.

Sure, they get a little more sexual in later hits like Lets Talk About Sex and It’s None of Your Business. But that’s fine. Because the difference was that that was just a part of their repertoire, not the whole thing. They didn’t exclusively market themselves as a sexual act.

And that’s what I feel the difference is today. Where’s the diversity? Again, I’m not against selling sex appeal. Hell, LL Cool J used to take off his shirt and flex his muscles for the ladies, but he was also a dope a lyricist. Y’know, growing up I listened to Public Enemy and 2 Live Crew. I wouldn’t want rap to be all one or the other. And for female rappers especially I think it’s disturbing that it’s become mostly about sexuality. It’s also funny that the only big alternative to Nicki Minaj is Iggy Azalea, but then she gets criticized for being White, and supposedly faking a Black accent when she raps? That’s a problem, but Nicki showing her ass is okay? I just don’t get it.

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  1. I am loving this article! You know, I never really thought about it like you have. I am a Nicki fan because of her hard-core lyrics. She is so talented that she really didn’t need to put out this cover art. But I wont lie, if I had her body, I would have done the same thing as an artist. Why? Because you want to shock people into purchasing your shit. But she is actually talented, so when people purchase her music over superficial ish, they are actually surprised that she has a gift. lol sounds crazy, but her PR person can’t be an idiot. lol

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