During the 1990’s, a company called Axis Films International, run by former hardcore porn producer Gregory Dark, was making some of the hottest softcore films ever made. They treated their films like full-on studio production, filmed at live location, not cheap sets, and had actual storylines in their films. They also professional actors who could act, in addition to looking good and being willing to get fully nude on film. Even occasionally getting name-actors to appear in their films, giving the films a touch of respectability, in a way. Among the actresses who frequently appeared in their films and others was Shannon Whirry, who is hands down THE sexist softcore film actress I have ever seen. Her face was gorgeous and her body was was perfect, with two large natural breasts that she had no qualms about baring for the cameras. And she looked equally convincing in her sex scenes with men and women.

This film was released in October 1992. Written by Jon Robert Samsel & Georges des Esseintes, and directed by Gregory Dark, it stars Whirry as Joanna Cole. Maxwell Caulfield (from Grease 2!) plays her husband David Cole, a police officer. The film is bookended by Joanna sitting in an office telling her story to a woman, who is off-camera. The film cuts to her giving this interview several times through the film, as narration of what’s going on. It’s mentioned that Joanna’s his 2nd wife, they’ve been together just over a year, and David is feeling stressed out from his job, and alimony payments he makes to his first wife. Joanna is left home bored and feels neglected, particularly in the bedroom. David and Joanna have sex, but not often enough for Joanna. Eventually Joanna stars taking medication for depression, but a side-effect is that it makes her even hornier, and she fantasizes a lot about sex with other men. So we qet a little montage of Joanna in bed, as different men come in and have sex with her. We get another montage of Joanna in front of a mirror trying on different lingerie outfits, to try to turn David on, but to no avail. One day a man named Frank (played by Bobby Johnston, in one of his earliest roles) comes by to fix the cable TV, and Joanna greets him in robe. After some small talk she takes her to her bedroom and seduces him, in a very hot scene. David comes home unexpectedly, and when he walks in her can here the sounds of sex coming from the bedroom, he walk there and slowly peeks through the door and just watches them having sex. Then Frank sees David’s reflection in the bedroom mirror and immediately jumps out of bed, grabs his clothes and runs out the window. Joanna is in shock, and begs David for forgiveness, but he doesn’t say anything, he just takes of his own clothes and climbs into bed with Joanna, kissing her passionately.

So they both discover that that is the secret to turning David on. He’s a voyeur who likes to watch others have sex (there was an earlier brief scene between Frank Swann & Lynette O’Connell as a police officer and a hooker that David watched having sex in one of the interrogation room at Police HQ, establishing his voyeuristic tendencies). So they come up with a plan, they have Joanna place a personal ad in the newspaper, and David sets up a hidden camera in their bedroom, so that she can bring the men who answer the ad there and have sex with them while David watches action on a TV set in another room.

The first guy to come over is Ken (Tom Reilly) a lawyer, who is very nervous. But Joanna puts him at ease, then takes him to the bedroom and they have a hot scene. As soon as its over and he leaves, David rushes to her, and they have sex and then talk about how hot the experience was, and that they both want to continue. So then we get a montage of her having sex with different men. She also has a threesome with a couple, and then a follow up encounter with just the woman from that threesome (Delia Sheppard), one of the hottest softcore lesbian scenes I’ve ever seen . We get a scene of David at work, now acting a lot happier and not as stressed, and he and Joanna are also happier together. The men are paying to come see Joanna, so now she and David has extra money. We see David taking notes about the men who come over, they’re all influential men, lawyers, judges, and surgeons. Then one night, the man who shows up just so happens to be David’s new partner Rod, who doesn’t know who Joanna is, and is pretending to be a doctor. David is surprised when he sees Rod on the TV, but is still turned on watching his wife have sex with his partner.

But then things turn ugly one night. David is late getting home, when a new man (Josh Cruze) comes over, but he starts to get violent with her and tries to tie her to the bed. David shows up and kicks the man out. It turns out the man works for a local crime boss named William Lamberti (played by David Carradine) who runs a sleazy strip club, that David has been trying to arrest for years. When Lamberti finds out that David is pimping out his wife, he blackmails him. He wants David to set up a local politician named Fletcher Ross (played by Jan-Michael Vincent), who is running for mayor, have him visit Joanna and get them on tape having sex, so that they can stop Ross from shutting down the strip clubs when he gets in office. So they get Ross on tape, but then David demands $50k from Lamberti in exchange for the tape. On the night Lamberti comes over to pay for the tape, he pulls a gun on them, but the police (who were called by Ingrid, who came over earlier to see Joanna, but David chased her off with his gun) burst in, including Rod, who is shocked to see David with Joanna, and everyone gets arrest. All of the tapes, and David’s black book of names, become evidence. And this sparks a huge media storm, as the names of the various public figures that Joanna had sex with become public. John Saxon plays David and Joanna’s lawyer, who defends them in the press, saying that filming the tapes were just David and Joanna’s way of dealing with her medical symptoms (which he describes as “nymphomania”).

It ends back in the office with Joanna’s interview. We get to see the interviewer (Wendy Walsh), and see that this is a television interview. They say the couple accepted a plea deal and won’t be going to jail, and they’ve been bombarded with offers to write a book or make a movie based on their story, and that Fletcher Ross dropped out of the mayor’s race, and that David and Joanna were planning a vacation in Barbados, to figure out what they’re going to do next. THE END

Seriously, this is one hot movie. Shannon Whirry’s passion is unmatched, she heats up the screen every second she’s on it. FIVE STARS.

Unfortunately, this film is hard to find on DVD. Even the R-Rated version can be expensive, but you really want to get the UNRATED VERSION, if you can, so that nothing is cut out.

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