I’ve written before that, in my opinion, Shannon Whirry is the hottest actress to ever appear in softcore films. She appeared in a string of smoking hot films throughout the 1990’s, including the infamous Animal Instincts, the sequel, and Mirror Images 2, which I’ve reviewed before.

This 1995 film was written and directed by Lee Frost and stars Whirry as Emmanuel Griffith, a world famous fashion model and feminist activist. Michael Christian co-stars as Richard Tate, an obsessed fan who has been stalking Emmanuel for some time. One day he disguises himself as a limo driver and kidnaps Emmanuel, knocking her out with some kind of gas. He takes her back to his home, a nice two story house in the Hollywood hills (no background for Richard is given, so we don’t know how he can afford this), and locks her in a bedroom. He’s got a TV and video camera and microphones set up in the bedroom, so he can monitor her in the room and talk to her from another room.

Over the next several days he keeps her prisoner while he taunts her about her feminist views, but also uses the cameras to watch her in the shower. At first she’s angry and defiant towards him, then she tries bribing him with money, and then becomes scared and pleads with him to let her go. Rick then begins declaring his love for her, and he buys her a bunch of fancy lingerie and dresses for her to wear, while Emmanuelle alternates from being angry to being afraid. At one point, Emmanuelle pretends to soften towards Rick. She starts coming on to him, and he lets her out of the room and they have sex on the couch in his living room. But then afterward she tries to escape, and actually makes it out of the house, but then Richard comes after her and recaptures her. Now he becomes more cruel, this time he takes away all of the clothes and blankets and locks her in the room naked.

Bo Svenson is listed as the third co-star on this film, and he plays a detective hired to try to find Emmanuelle, but his role is rather inconsequential. Whirry and Christian are the stars of this film, they carry the vast majority of the scenes, and it’s their chemistry that makes it work, despite the rather disturbing subject matter. Shannon Whirry gets to showcase her acting skills, and not just her sex appeal for a change. Later in the film she once again pretends to have a change of heart towards Richard and they have sex again, and the way Whirry plays it, you aren’t sure if she’s really gotten Stockholm Syndrome or if she’s just tricking him again. There’s also a clever if slightly ambiguous ending.

Chacebook rating: 4 STARS

You want to make sure that you get the UNRATED copy of this film on DVD. Like many of Whirry’s films this is out of print, so it can hard to find. Check out IOFFER.COM to find a copy.

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