LIFE ON TOP episode 17: Sextacular

Christine Nguyen

Written by Charles Kline (based on the novel by Clara Darling) and directed by Jared West, this 4th episode of the second season of Life of Top focuses on the talents of Lena, the character played by Christine Nguyen who was introduced in the previous episode. Specifically, it focuses on Lena’s talent as a cook. The episode opens with her cooking some dish for Bella (Heather Vandeven), Melissa (Jayden Cole), and Regina (Brandin Rackley) in Bella’s apartment, it looks like some kind of spaghetti or noodles, I’m not clear what it is, but after a few bites it immediately makes them all horny. Melissa and Bella each go to their rooms to masturbate (which, unfortunately, we don’t get to see), while Regina asks for a second plate and makes Lena an offer to cater a business lunch at her office.

Danielle Petty returns as Stephanie, whom we met in episode 14 as Bella’s agent. Lena is meeting with her, as she’s written a cookbook, and wants Stephanie’s help in finding a publisher. Stephanie isn’t sure if there’s a market for the book without some kind of hook to separate it from all the other cookbooks out there. But there’s clear chemistry between the two ladies and they end up having hot lesbian sex on Stephanie’s desk.

And thankfully we do get to see that. 

Then we get to the lunch meeting, taking place at VentiCap, where Regina, Avi (Daniel Messier), and Peter (Steven Ross) are trying to land some new clients. Tippi (Riley Steele) is there too. Frank Mercuri, Heather Smith, and Chris Johnson (who appeared in episode 6 of season 1, playing a different character) play John, Debbie, and Gary, the clients.

Lena serves her meal and appetizers and this has the effect of turning everyone on. John, Debbie, and Gary end up having an MMF threesome (something rare in softcore, and we haven’t seen in this series since episode 3 of season 1) in one room, while Peter and Tippi bang in another room, and then Regina seduces an initially reluctant Avi in another room.

When it’s over, the clients agree to hire VentiCap, and Lena realizes that the perfect hook for her cookbook is that her recipes make people horny.

So it’s a happy ending overall, although there are hints of drama to come. After sex, both Regina and Avi feel a bit awkward, as this is the 2nd time they’ve done it despite not really liking each other. Also, Peter asks Tippi about becoming serious but is clearly disappointed when she tells him that she just wants to keep things casual between them. I have a feeling both of this issues will be addressed in future episodes.

A solid episode, with some good character development and hot sex scenes. Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS

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