LIFE ON TOP episode 21: The Phucket List

Heather Vandeven and Brandin Rackley

Written by Joey Savage (based on the novel by Clara Darling) and directed by Jared West, this episode focuses on Brandin Rackley’s character Regina. She’s about turn 30, which is a major birthday for her. She’s kind of depressed about it, as she’s having drinks with Bella and Melissa (Heather Vandeven and Jayden Cole). She revisits the sexual bucket list that she says she wrote when she turned 18 and found again in the first episode of this season, and it’s a list of sex acts she wants to accomplish before she turns 30. She’s got 5 items left on her list and isn’t sure she’ll have time to do them all, as she’s only got a couple of days. Bella suggests that she “outsource” some items, let her friends do some of them and that will be like accomplishing them herself. Regina agrees and gives them copies of her list. Tippi (Riley Steele) also gets involved.

An item Regina chose to do herself was getting a massage with a “happy ending”. She makes an appointment with a masseuse that Bella recommended named Chris, but is surprised to find out that Chris is actually a woman (played by Izabela Onicioiu). But she goes along with it. Both women get naked as Chris massages Regina, ending with Chris fingering Regina to an orgasm.

Tippi surprises Peter (Steven Ross) at his apartment late at night, with a copy of the Kama Sutra. The goal is to read the book and try out as many of the various sex positions as they can, which they both clearly enjoy doing. Reference is made to Pippi’s instance in episode 17 that they remain casual, and when they’re done Peter says Pippi is his “best friend” (as in friends with benefits).

Bella’s item is to have sex during a photoshoot. This should be easy enough for her, as she goes to see Vincent (Danny Crawford). But he’s in the middle of shooting two nude models, Gemma (Angelina Crow) and some man (I didn’t catch his name, so I can’t credit the actor). Vincent asks Bella to help him position the models in the best way for pictures, and then Gemma and the man get turned on and have sex, while Bella watches and Vincent takes pictures. This counts as an item on the list since Bella is involved.

It’s a hot scene, but I would have rather had a Heather Vandeven sex scene in its place.

At Club Embryo, Melissa sees Edward (Kaven Reece) and Elizabeth (Justine Joli) fighting again, the same as in the last episode. Afterward, Edward tells Melissa that they broke up. She tries to comfort him by going outside to talk. They hail a cab and have sex while riding in it. Sex in a taxi was another item on Regina’s list.

Then we see Regina checking the final item on her list. And apparently, that is anal sex. With no other options, she visits Avi (Daniel Messier) at his place. They don’t actually show us them doing it, but mission accomplished. The episode ends at Heather and Melissa’s place, with Regina and Tippi all celebrating Regina’s birthday. And there is a tiny plot twist before it’s over, which I won’t spoil.

A good episode, with the only real flaw being the lack of a Heather Vandeven sex scene. Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS

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