Forbidden Highway

Written by the duo of Edward Gorsuch and April White, and directed by Kelley Cauthen, this 2001 film has an impressive cast of softcore actresses in it. With Kira Reed Lorsch, Mia Zottoli, Tracy Ryan, and Dee Baker all appearing in it, that’s practically guaranteed hotness.

Lorsch is the main star, along with Ron Cobert. Lorsch plays Cherry, an escort who impulsively steals a valuable ring from her latest client, who turns out to be a ruthless gangster referred to in this film only as The Man (played by John Gallo). Cobert plays Elrey, a down-on-his-luck gambler in Las Vegas, who owes $30k to a local gangster called Smiling Ivan (Ivon Dobrin), and Ivan is ready to kill Elrey for it. But it turns out that Cherry had been working for Ivan, so The Man calls Ivan and demands that he find and bring Cherry back to him in Los Angeles. So after Ivan decides to have Elrey be the one to take her back to Los Angeles to hand her over to The Man, saying that if Elrey completes the task Ivan will wipe out his debt.

So right there, there’s a good story for this film. Elrey being forced to take Cherry on a road trip from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, where she’s sure to meet her doom. Can he go through with it? There’s a lot of potential for drama there. But the film takes several strange directions in the plot.

First, for some reason, Smiling Ivan decides not to tell Elrey exactly what he’s doing. He just gives Elrey the keys to a classic 1961 Cadillac convertible, which he calls “Lady Luck”, and just tells him he’s taking it to some car collector in Los Angeles. Ivan has Cherry knocked out and locked in the trunk of the car, without Elrey’s knowledge. So did Ivan think Cherry would remain unconscious for the entire drive?

Well, she doesn’t. While driving Elrey hears Cherry banging from the inside of the truck, so he pops it open and finds her. But she’s still weak so they stop off in a motel, where after some rest she explains what happened and tries to convince him to let him go, but he’s afraid of what Smiling Ivan will do to him if he does. She manages to ditch him and steal the car, driving off. But she runs out of gas and ends up in a little town literally called Nowheresville (a sign says “Population: 89”) where she goes into a little bar and performs an impromptu strip tease in order to raise money for gas. Elrey gets picked up by a local waitress (Tracy Ryan) who takes him to Nowheresville where he finds Cherry, but a fight breaks out when he tries to force her to leave with him and he and Cherry both get arrested and thrown in jail by the local Sherrif (Thad Geer).

Meanwhile, The Man is upset because Cherry isn’t back yet, the drive should have only taken 5 hours, so he calls Smiling Ivan again, who has his henchmen, Tiny and Big Boy (Robert Allen Mukes and Brandon Molale), go after Elrey and Cherry. Mia plays Asia, another of Ivan’s escorts, who secretly makes her own deal with The Man to catch Cherry, and ends up going after them too. She turns out to be a bad-ass martial artist who takes down both Tiny and Big Boy in a fight. No, it doesn’t make much sense.

I’ll just say that film ends with gunshots and explosions. And it’s pretty satisfying for it is. This film was near the end of Kira Reed Lorsch’s time in the softcore genre, as she started transiting to mainstream roles in front of and behind the camera the following year, but during that brief 5-year run she was one of my favorites, always doing a good job in every role she was given. I wouldn’t say this was one of her best films (that would still go to either The Price of Desire or Madam Savant), but it’s worth watching.

During this hour and forty-three minute film, we get nine sex scenes.
Tracy Ryan is in two, one with Ron Cobert and one with Brandon Molale.
Mia Zottoli is in four, she has one on one scenes with Cobert and Molale, a lesbian scene with Lorsch, and a threesome with Ivon Dobrin and Dee Baker, which is probably my favorite sex scene in this film.
And Kira Reed Lorsch is in the other three, having two scenes with Cobert and one with John Gallo.

They’re all hot stuff. Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS

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