Back in the mid-1990’s to early 2000’s Kira Reed Lorsch (then simply known as Kira Reed) appeared in a string of softcore films and TV shows. With her seductive yet innocent-looking face and her big but natural breasts, she was always a thrill to watch. She appears to now be focusing more on mainstream productions, but she’ll always be a softcore legend to me. This 1997 film, written by Penny Antine and directed by legendary hardcore film star Paul Thomas (under the name Toby Philips)
is probably my favorite starring role of hers.

This film owes more than a little inspiration to the 1993 hit, Indecent Proposal. Kira stars with Dan Frank as Monica and Mac, a happy married couple. They have one little kink, they occasionally like to go separately to a local casino where Monica picks up a strange man and takes him out to the back alley to make out with them. Then Mac shows up, acting shocked and angry to find his wife with another man and fights the man off, and then Monica and Mac have sex. This is their way of satisfying Mac’s fantasy of seeing Monica with another man without her actually going all the way through with it, and it’s something that they’ve been doing for awhile, when this film begins.

Unfortunately, Mac’s professional life isn’t going as well. Mac used to be a very successful radio announcer and spokesman, doing radio commercials. He and Monica live in a nice big house, but Mac’s career isn’t going so well, he’s not getting the type of high-paying gigs that he used to, so money is tight. One of his friends has an idea of starting up their own production company, but it would cost him $250,000, which he doesn’t have. So it seems like just an impossible dream. But one night while playing their little game at the casino Monica picks up a man who isn’t ready to take no for an answer. He begins to get violent while Mac is stuck inside the casino gambling. Thankfully, a mysterious man comes to Monica’s rescue, chasing off the other man with a fake gun. He is Sinclair (Moe Justini aka Barry Sattels), a wealthy man who owns the casino. He becomes friendly with Monica and Mac and when he finds out their little game and Mac’s fantasy, he offers to pay Mac the $250,000 in order to have sex with Monica.

Well, after some discussions and arguments, Monica and Mac agree to it, and spend a weekend at Sinclair’s mansion, where after an awkward start Monica and Sinclair have sex (twice), and Mac gets a check. But then, somewhat predictably, it turns out that the reality isn’t as good as the fantasy, for Mac. He begins to get jealous about Monica being with Sinclair. And even after weeks pass and they haven’t seen him, he starts suspecting that she’s having an affair with him. And this behavior ends up splitting them and driving Monica back into Sinclair’s arms, leaving Mac all alone.

Yes, this is very similar to Indecent Proposal. And with a similar resolution (SPOILER ALTERT – Monica and Mac attempt to reconcile at the end, after Mac has given the money back). But what sets this film apart, are the smokin’ hot sex scenes! Kira is incredible in her scenes, both with Frank and with Sattles. She also has a threesome with Sattles and the one and only Janine Lindemulder, who plays a mysterious woman named Lydia, who turns out to have a secret connection to Sinclair. It should be noted that this was during the time that Janine was still only doing lesbian scenes in her hardcore films, so a shot of her having sex with a man, even if it was simulated, was quite a thrill itself at the time. Also on hand is Kim Yates, who plays a model that Monica works with and is having relationship troubles of her own. She gets a sex scene with a man (I didn’t catch his name). And there’s Delphine Pacific who plays Kat, Mac’s ex-girlfriend who still carries a torch for him, despite his marriage. And when things go wrong with him and Monica, Mac goes back to Kat and has sex with her, in what is another hot scene.

So several great sex scenes, and all of the actors in this film do a great job in their roles. This film will always be a favorite of mine. Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

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