Directed by Rafe M. Portilo (as Ralph Portillo), who co-wrote it with Jeff Spielman, this 1994 low budget softcore film centers around the making of a low budget softcore film. Rick Scandlin stars as Lou Bughetti, the owner of a small film studio called Bughetti films and he’s making a movie. The film opens with him holding a casting call for attractive women, whose main qualification seems to be their willingness to get naked, or at least topless, for him in his office. The movie he’s planning to shoot is never actually named in the film (one character says the film has been renamed several times during the shooting), but it takes place on a beach and has some kind of romantic plot involving a lifeguard. It’s really never made clear. Danny Smith plays Robby, Lou’s production assistant who is in charge of building the sets (as cheaply as possible) for the film.

Debra K. Beatty plays Sara, an actress willing to do anything to get into the film. She not only strips for Lou in his office but agrees to go to his home where she skinny-dips in his pool before they have sex on a blanket in his backyard. She also later seduces Robby late at night, when they’re alone on set. Both are very hot scenes. Robby is a lucky fella, as he also is seduced by Natasha, the make-up girl (played by Natasha Pulanova, a sexy woman with a sexy Russian accent who, sadly, only ever appeared in this one film, as far as I can see) and Tiffany (Kathy Hendricks-Pasmore aka Kathy Pasmore, another incredibly sexy woman who, unfortunately, seems to have dropped out of the film business after only a few films), another actress in the film. First, there’s some brief lesbian action between Natasha and Tiffany in the make-up room, before Robby comes in and is induced to join them.

1993 Penthouse Pet of the Year Kelly Cook (aka Kelly Jaye aka Kelly Lynn Sabo) plays an innocent girl from somewhere in the Midwest (it’s not expressly stated from where, but she makes some references to growing up on a farm). Her real name is Betty Lou, but she goes by Veronica because she thinks that’s somewhat more “Hollywood.” She’s ostensibly the star of this film. As the film begins she’s living with her boyfriend Steve (Jonathon Murphy), who just got cast as the lifeguard in the film, and comes home to tell her that he’s got her an audition for a small role in the film too (&, like the other girls, that involves her getting naked for Lou in his office, after which he hires her). They celebrate with a hot sex scene, and have another sex scene later in the film, although they just don’t show us the whole scene the second time. Steve isn’t as serious about Veronica as she is about him. He secretly has sex with Natasha one night in the makeup room, and then near the end of the film he actually tries to convince her to have sex with a friend of his (played by pro-Baseball player Randy Wolf), who is successful in the movie business. That’s when she realizes that Steve is no good and kicks him out of the house.

The majority of the film is showing the making of the unnamed film, which is frequently fraught with problems, like flimsy sets, and actors not knowing their lines. Somehow it eventually gets completed and at the wrap-up party, Veronica gets together with Johnny, they go back to her place and have sex, and then they both decide that Hollywood is just not for them. The film ends with the two of them driving off back to Veronica’s hometown.

An average 90’s softcore film. It’s always good seeing Beatty in action, but it was clear that Kelly Jaye was just not a serious actress. She never showed much emotion in her scenes. Add that to the somewhat incomplete plot, and this film mostly falls flat, with its only strong suit being that all of the women in it are sexy. THREE STARS


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