Today I’m reviewing another 1990’s softcore erotic thriller starring Kira Reed Lorsch, whom I recently covered in my review of The Price of Desire. If that was my favorite film of hers, this has to be #2.

Released the same year, 1997, written and directed by Mike Marvin (aka Jake Kesey), Kira stars as Suzy, a woman who happens to be a genius (or “savant”) regarding mathematics and numbers. Kira lives in a trailer park in a small town and is married to a much older man named Luke (J.R. Ripley), but she’s cheating on him with a younger man named Willy Boy (James Servais).

The film wastes no time in showing off Kira’s sex appeal, as it opens with Suzy and Willy Boy banging away in her trailer, which is rocking. But then Luke shows up with a shotgun and blows Willy Boy away (off-camera). Cut to a courthouse sometime later where Luke is found guilty of first-degree murder of Willy Boy (his shotgun having jammed before he could shoot Suzy too). Suzy feels guilty and takes a bus to move out to L.A. On the bus she meets and has sex with (while the other passengers are sleeping) a fellow passenger named Jake (Ken Steadman). Jake then gives Suzy the phone number of his cousin, who he says she can call when she gets to L.A. and will let her stay with him until she gets on her feet.

Arriving in L.A. Suzy calls the cousin and, through an implausible case of mistaken identity, she gets picked up by a chauffeur who takes her to a mansion owned by a woman named Jasmine (Sheila Thompson) who is actually a Madam, running a brothel with high-class call girls who service wealthy men. Jasmine thinks Suzy is her newest call girl. That night, during a cocktail party with several men and women in attendance, Suzy sneaks into a room and watches as the Mayor (Daniel Anderson) has a threesome with two of the ladies (Chris Bailey and the Late Lorissa McComas). Then the place is raided by the police, and Suzy hides while most of the guests are arrested, and also watches as Jasmine is shot dead by a mysterious figure.

After the raid, Suzy sneaks away with Jasmine’s little Black book, and some of her money, and goes to a high-end hotel. The book contains the info and numbers of all of Jasmine’s employees and clients, but it’s all in some kind of mathematical code to keep the info secret. Luckily, as it was established, Suzy is a math savant and uses her skills to crack the code. She contacts all the girls and customers and plans to take over the call girl business. Suzy also seduces Consuela, a hotel maid (played by Bianca Rocilili), and their scene together which begins on the bed and ends in the bathtub, is one of the hottest lesbian scenes I’ve ever seen in a softcore film. Then she recruits Consuela to be her assistant in this new business.

So the rest of the film deals with Suzy’s attempt to grow her call girl business, while both the police and a hitman from a local politician, are after her, trying to find that little Black book.
There are several more hot sex scenes in the film. LoriDawn Messuri plays one of Suzy’s new girls, and we see her sent to go have sex with a local judge (Harrison Young) in his chamber. Nichole McAuley plays a police detective who goes undercover to work as a call girl for Suzy, and she has two sex scenes, one with a man (Jeff Rector) in the backseat of a limo, and another with a man (Richard Neil) in a warehouse. There’s also a scene where Suzy and Consuela go out and pick up a couple of guys (Adam Blinn and Mario Neguetti) and take them back to the hotel to have sex with them.

There are several twists and turns in this film by the time it reaches the end (NO SPOILERS). Several people aren’t who they appear to be, and have conflicting agendas. And not everyone makes it out alive. A really good with drama, suspense, action and, best of all, lots of hot sex with beautiful women).

Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

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