This 1995 erotic thriller was written by John Nelson and directed by Edward Holzman It stars Becky Mullen (aka Beckie Mullen) and Bobby Johnston as Adam and Stephanie, a wealthy married couple. Specifically, the wealth is mostly Stephanie’s, as she inherited it from her father. Stephanie works as an interior designer, while Adam works as a contractor. As the film begins their sex life hasn’t been so great for awhile. Adam can only get turned on doing various role playing, which is starting to upset Stephanie, who would like to make love like a normal couple again. The opening scene as them acting out a scenario where Adam pretends to be a masked robber who breaks into their home late at night and rapes Stephanie in the kitchen. Mark Zuelke stars as Jake, an old high school friend of Stephanie’s whom she hired to be their landscaper, and he lives in their guest house. We learn that he has a checkered past. A few years ago his wife was murdered, and Jake was accused of killing her, but after two trials that resulted in hung juries he was set free. Jake still misses his wife and we get several scenes of him remembering the two of them having sex (Kristen Knittle plays his wife in flashbacks).

Adam gets a new client, a woman named Cindy (Griffin Drew), who immediately starts flirty with him. And then they have sex, with her taking control and ordering him around, almost like a dominatrix, but Adam loves it. Later in fact he uses this in his next role-playing session with Stephanie, telling her to act similar to the way Cindy did.

Stephanie also gets a new client, a mysterious but wealthy woman named Yvette (Pía Reyes) who has a large mansion which is full of young attractive women (including Bianca Rocilili, from Madam Savant & Masseuse, whom we see naked in a hot tub in an all-too-brief scene), who walk around in various states of undress all the time. All Yvette will say about what she does is that she runs a “finishing school” for young ladies. It is later revealed that Cindy and Yvette are actually lovers (although we only see them kissing in this film, no actual sex together).

That night Stephanie gets together with 3 of her female friends, Jean (Lorrisa McComas – R.I.P.), Denise (Teresa Politi aka Teresa Langely) and Rebecca (Heather Ward) at Rebecca’s house for dins and girl talk with all of them wondering why Stephanie puts up with Adam’s sexual obsessions. Eventually Stephanie and Denise leave, but Jean is too tired, so Rebecca lets her stay over to sleep on the couch. But when the ladies are alone they beginning kissing and then have one of the hottest softcore lesbian scenes I’ve ever seen, by the fireplace. That scene is almost worth the price of this DVD by itself.

The next day Cindy takes Adam to Yvette’s house to look around. Yvette has one of her girls (Chona Jason) give Adam a naked massage. That “massage” quickly turns to sex, and then Cindy walks in and joins them, making it a threesome, while Yvette watches. That’s another VERY hot scene. But the implication is that Yvette and Cindy are setting Adam up for something, and it involves Stephanie somehow.

Another subplot in the film is that a man in a mask has been breaking into women’s homes in the city and sexually assaulting them. Rebecca ends up being one of the victims, and is traumatized by the incident. The description fits the outfit that Adam wore when he did the rapist role-play with Stephanie. But the police suspect that it might be Jake, and question him.

As Adam becomes more involved with Cindy and Yvette, Stephanie turns to Jake and one night even tries to get into bed with him, but he rejects her because he can’t stop thinking about his wife.

Denise is the next victim, the masked man breaks into her house while she’s taking a shower and assaults her, and Jake gets arrested although he insists that he’s innocent. There are several twists before this film ends, and when we find out who the masked man is and what Cindy and Yvette’s plan is, it is indeed a shocker.

A dramatic and suspenseful film with some sexy ladies who show plenty of skin in it. Definitely worth watching. Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

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  1. I wholeheartedly agree! This movie is brimming with eye-popping views (ample breasts/buns/bush) of endlessly gorgeous ladies, especially Drew, Mullen, Langley, and Jason — her massage scene with Johnston (and eventually Drew) really ramped up the temperature. The alluring wardrobe added to the movie’s hotness level, and the mystery plot was surprisingly unstilted, too.


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