This 1996 film is written by Steve Armogida and directed by Fred Olen Ray (under the name Peter Daniels). Griffen Drew plays Kristy, a wealthy heiress who is engaged to Jack (Tim Abell), who is also her financial advisor. Kristy is a sweet innocent girl, who is originally completely unaware that Jack is a slimball who, despite that fact that Kristy is drop-dead gorgeous, cheats on her constantly with multiple women, and is only after her money. Gail Harris (aka Robyn Harris) plays his secretary who is aware of his duplicity, and is having an affair with him. The first sex scene in this film is the two of them having sex up against the wall in Jack’s office. Amy Rochelle stars as Rosa, Kristy’s maid. Jack is also having an affair with her, blackmailing her by threatening to have her deported if she doesn’t sleep with him.

Jack’s boss gives him an assignment which will send him to Las Vegas for the next two weeks, brining him back the day before his wedding. This has potential for a big promotion if he can close this deal. Kristy isn’t happy with him having to leave, but accepts it, and they have hot sex the night before. The next morning Krista goes out for a job but then has to come back home to get something, and she catches Jack in bed with Rosa. She sneaks back out without being seen and goes to her friend J.J. (Monique Parent), who is a professional masseuse, and together they come up with a scheme to get revenge on Jack.

Getting her own lawyer, Kristy finds out that Jack has been embezzling money from her and from his company. Enlisting Gail’s help, they proceed to get all of her money back, leaving Jack with nothing. Then they open up an amateur massage parlor, using Jack’s credit cards to set it up, so that they can have him arrested.

As the film races to it’s thrilling conclusion, we get several hot sex scenes. Matt Tanner stars as Conner, Kristy’s young pool boy. Both J.J. and Krysty have daydream about having sex with him (J.J. by the pool and Krystal in a hottub). Greta Carlson (aka Sherri Graham) plays a hooker that Jack hires in Vegas. Julianne Mantia plays a masseuse whom we see having sex with some random guy by a fireplace. Bianca Rocilili plays another of the “masseurs” that Kristy and J.J. hire, and we later see her having sex with some guy. Brittany Rollins and Meaghan Prester are two other girls, they don’t have full sex scenes, but do get naked in this film.

This film could have used a few more full sex scenes, especially involving Griffen Drew and Monique Parent, but the scenes we did get are shot quite well. Chacebook rating 4 STARS

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