HOT COUGAR SEX by Ilona Paris

These are confessions, and Ilona Paris—and her cougar pals—have plenty to confess. And they’re proud of it. A “cougar” is a woman in her forties (or so), who indulges in the pleasures of younger men in a quest for terrific sex without the hassles of a relationship. These women have been there, done that. In Hot Cougar Sex, their wild, sexy encounters are described with a brazen voice that seduces but never apologizes. Men appreciate a woman with some experience, a situation that makes a woman more confident, in bed and beyond.

This book opens with an introduction, with author Ilona Paris, who describes herself as a 49 year old woman (at the time this book was originally published in 2008) who lives and works in Boston (what she does for a living isn’t clear, simply that she works in an office). She talks about how she began feeling attracted to much younger men, and talks about how society views that sort of thing. Then what follows is 10 short chapters each detailing a supposedly true story of some of her own sexual encounters with younger men, whom she tends to give nicknames, as well as stories told her by some of her female friends who have likewise hooked up with younger men.

This is Ilona’s first encounter with a younger man, she says around 28 years old, whom she says she met at a dance club while it was having an S&M theme night. He slipped her his card and they met up the next day. They have two sexual encounters, once in a clothing store dressing room and then again back at his apartment.

Next up is Hairboy, nicknamed because of his spikey hair, a 28-year old health fanatic that she meets through her job, who was only in town for a few days. They go to a gym to work out together, and then back to her place afterwards to shower, and they end up having hot aerobic sex. They meet up again the next night for more sex.

This is the story of Ilona’s friend Adina, a 50-year old erotic author, and her encounter with a 32-year old South American man. They meet at a restaurant and hit it off, then have a romantic date the next night. Then he picks her up the next day and take her on a private plane (where they have a heavy makeout session) to South Beach, Florida, where he has a mansion and they have dinner and then finally have sex, specifically he fucks her up the ass, and she loves it.

This is the story of Ilona’s friend, Sam, a 49-year old TV producer in Manhattan. She takes a Caribbean cruise by herself for a vacation, where she meets a man in his early 30’s and has wild sex with him.

Lula is a thirtysomething year old Puerto Rican BBW, who weighs 250 lbs, but has no trouble attracting younger men. She uses Myspace to pick up guys (remember, this was written in 2008), and has been dating a muscle-bound personal trainer, nicknamed Powerhouse, for a couple of months. She tells the story of one night when they had sex after a shower, which was so good that it made Lula squirt for the first time ever.

This is the story of some interracial sex. Marlene is a 40 year old White woman who works as a therapist at a methadone clinic. She meets and hooks up with a 30-year old coworker, a Black man who looks like a younger Billy Dee Williams.

Myra is a 59-year old woman, who one night makes a pass at a young bartender at a local bar. They arrange for her to come back when he’s closing up the bar, so they have the place to themselves. They start off with him teaching her how to play pool, but it’s really just foreplay, and soon they’re fucking right there on the pool table.

Lila is a health club manager “in her 40’s” who hooks up with a 25-year old personal trainer.

Melina is a 40-year old award-winning screenwriter in L.A., who is dating a younger doctor. Because of their busy schedules they don’t get to see each other that often, which is fine with Melinda as she doesn’t want anything too serious at the moment, so whenever they do have time to see each other they don’t waste it and get right down to having hot sex. This describes one of their encounters.

Georgia is a 50-year old National Geographic photographer who had been widowed for 5 years. She hires a designer to come redecorate her house, and is pleasantly surprised when a 6’8″ stud shows up. After several days of working together he asks her out, and ends up taking her back to her place for sex.

The premise of this collection is great, but the execution is lacking. Most of the stories are too short, with the sex scenes being far too brief. That’s with the exception of Chapter 3, which is a little too long in the build-up before it finally gets to the sex. And I wonder if some of these women really fit the “cougar” category? I thought the age difference had to be a bit more significant, but some of these are women in their 40’s with men in their 30’s, that’s really not such a big deal. And then in some of the later stories Ilona forgets to even mention how old the men are. Overall this is decent light read, but nowhere near as exciting as it could have been.

Chacebook rating: 3 STARS

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