The Pleasure Zone is an online dating service run by enigmatic avatar Serena (Eden Svendahl). Serena has a special talent of finding the right people to make a love connection, fun connection, or whatever type of connection her clients are looking for. She gathers a lot of information from all of her clients to make sure that she finds what one is looking for. For the many clients who are confused by love and relationship, she also helps them understand what you are looking for. Each episode of this series is a story of how two people make a love connection in the Pleasure Zone. As viewers, we get to see Serena work her magic.

This DVD contains three episodes of the series, each one directed by Robert Angelo.

Written by Robert Angelo
Jay Hastings stars as Jake, a businessman who is living with Jennifer (Tamara Landry), but he’s bored with their relationship and his stable middle-class life. He keeps fantasizing about a wild ex-girlfriend he has named Tami-Su (Devin Demoore), who he hasn’t seen in 10 years, and we get scenes of her stripping for him and posing for naughty pics, and them having sex in a bar. So Jake logs on to the Pleasure Zone to get Serena to track Tami-Su down. Serena does and they meet in a restaurant where they both used to work at. After some small talk they go into the back room and have sex, but then agree afterward that it was just a one-time thing. When Jack gets home he finds Jennifer laying waiting for him in just a bra and panties, and they have sex.

Written by Karen O’Hara
Tess Broussard stars as Tristan. A single woman who is bored with the dating scene. She frequently goes out to clubs with her friend Elise (Maureen Flaherty), but can’t seem to meet a good guy. She picks up one guy named Jules (Chris Villa), and they go home and have really hot sex, but then it turns out that he’s a mama’s boy who still lives with his mother. The next guy she meets in the club turns out to be married. So Tristan receives an invite to try The Pleasure Zone and signs up and is shocked to find a guy she liked in High School named Jason (Carlos Milano) on the site. So she requests a date with him and then fantasizes about them meeting and having sex. But then the real date isn’t anywhere near as good. The real Jason is an arrogant prick, and she finds herself hitting it off with the waiter (Steven Ginsburg) who serves them dinner. She slips him her number and they begin dating, but this time Tristian takes it slow. We fast forward 3 months later where they have sex for the first time after she performs a smokin’ hot striptease for him.

Written by George Ayvas
Collin Toran is Jake who has been on The Pleasure Zone. Serena sends him the address of a woman she’s picked out for him and swears they’re a perfect match. While he’s driving to her house, Jake has a fantasy about the date, imagining meeting the woman, a busty brunette (played by Raquel Devine), who greets him at the door in sexy lingerie and then performs a sexy striptease for him, and then they have sex in a bubble bath. But when he gets to the apartment the actual woman is Jennifer, played by Brandy Davis, a slender blonde. She says that she wasn’t expecting Jake there at that moment, claiming Serena must have given her the wrong date. In fact, she was in the middle of having sex with this random guy Tom (Dave Roth aka Brian Heidik), although she hides that fact from Jake. So she makes him wait in the hallway while she finishes having sex with Tom, and then she makes Tom leave through the window. She invites Jake in while she gets ready to go out, and as they talk they seem to have absolutely nothing in common, and can’t figure out why Serena put them together. So they start arguing, which turns to flirting, which leads to sex. Afterward, they get back online and it turns out that Serena got the profiles wrong and matched them by mistake, but they tell her it’s okay, and they decide to go out anyway.

Another great collection of episodes, from this classic softcore series. Well-acted and well-directed, with hot sex scenes. I think the last episode was my favorite, Brandy Davis is always a pleasure to watch. But it was all good. Chacebook rating FIVE STARS

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