NIGHTCAP episode 3: Sense of Touch

Nikki Fritz

Written by D. Ray Morton and directed by David Nicholas, this episode focuses primarily on the personal life of Nikki Fritz‘ character, Trina. Trina has recently borrowed a laptop (remember, this was 1999, when laptops and internet access weren’t as prevalent as they are today), from a woman named Debbie (played by Erin Marie), a longtime friend of Nikki’s (Tane McClure) who is in town for a visit. At Debbie’s suggestion, Trina has signed onto some kind of dating/sex website, where strangers “meet” and have cybersex in private chatrooms (which are shown to us as if it was real). Basically, you could say that this was an extra episode of THE PLEASURE ZONE, another softcore TV series which aired in 1999, as it shares this same premise.

So Trina has been chatting and sexting a man named Jack, played by Jason Schnuit. And now the two of them are finally ready to meet in person, and see if they have that same chemistry in real life as they do online. The PLOT TWIST is that this was all set-up by Debbie, who met her boyfriend Sam (Brian Heidik), who happens to be Jack’s older brother, through that same site. Debbie and Sam thought this would be a good way to set Trina, who hasn’t dated in awhile, up with Jack.

So Trina and Jack finally do meet, it’s after hours at the bar. And yes they hit it off. But how will Trina react when she finds out that her and Jack’s meeting wasn’t as a “random” as she thought it was: NO SPOILERS! I’ll leave that for you to find out for yourself (as always, the link to buy this series DVD is below).

It’s a good episode. This is particularly impressive in that the three sex scenes are all between the same couple, Fritz and Schnuit, and yet it never feels repetitive, each scene is unique and equally hot. I was surprised that they didn’t include a sex scene between Debbie and Brad, but it wasn’t absolutely necessary. As I said, the plot is straight out of The Pleasure Zone, which looks like it aired first, although I don’t know if that means that it was actually created first. I’m just a little curious as to whether this episode was inspired by that show, of the show was inspired this episode. I checked IMDB to see if D. Ray Morton has written for that show too, but he didn’t.

Either way, a solid episode with a Chacebook rating of 4 STARS


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