The Pleasure Zone is an online dating service run by enigmatic avatar Serena. Serena has a special talent of finding the right people to make a love connection, fun connection, or whatever type of connection her clients are looking for. She gathers a lot of information from all of her clients to make sure that she finds what one is looking for. For the many clients who are confused by love and relationship, she also helps them understand what you are looking for. Each episode of this series is a story of how two people make a love connection in the Pleasure Zone. As viewers, we get to see Serena work her magic.

Pleasure Zone was a softcore TV series that aired for one 13-episode season on Showtime or Cinemax (or both, I don’t remember, exactly). This DVD contains 4 of the episodes from that series. Each episode is directed by Robert Angelo, and features Eden Svendahl as Serena (scene only from the neck-up on computer screens).

Written by George Ayvas
This stars Kim Yates as Susan and Brad Bartram as Craig. They’ve been set-up on a blind date by Serena through The Pleasure Zone, and this episode ends with them coming back to Susan’s place and having hot passionate sex up against the wall. Afterward, they’re laying in bed together talking about how they’d love to see each other again, and then Craig has to leave because he has work tomorrow. Both of them are shocked the next day when they go to court and discover that they are each attorneys and working as opposing counsel on a big case. Initially Susan feels that because this case could go on for awhile, they have to end their relationship now, before it goes further, and Craig reluctantly agrees. That night each of them get online to try to find new dates. Susan goes out to dinner with some unnamed guy (played by Edward Brancieri), but gets bored talking to him and ends it with a handshake at her door. Craig has better luck on his date with Dana (Stella Porter) and when he drops her off at her place, she seduces him and they begin having sex on her, with her getting completely naked while he gets shirtless, but then he can’t go through with it and leaves. The next day Susan is in her office and has a daydream of Craig coming in and them having sex on her desk. Then there’s some more legal meets with their partners, and finally Craig and Susan are left alone in her office again, and begin kissing, but Susan resists because it’s bad for the case. Finally, Craig recuses himself from the case, and he and Susan meet at a club then go home for more hot sex, this time on a bed.

Written by Artie Kemper
Catalina Martone plays Jodi and Morgan Daniel plays Brian. They’re an engaged couple who live together and we open with them having sex in their kitchen. Then they have some friends over to watch a football game. The friends pair off and they talk about how they met. Brian’s story is that his brother gave him the password to sign up to The Pleasure Zone. Serena says she set himself up with a woman who went to his same college, and they have a date at a local bar. Brian gets there and he see Jodi at the bar wearing a cap for that college. Brian assumes that she’s his date and they start flirting with each other and leave together, even though it turns out she wasn’t his date. Then we see them having dinner together at Brian’s place, which turns into Jodi stripping and giving Brian a lapdance, and then having sex on the table. That’s Brian’s version of the story. Jodi’s version has them eating pizza together, and then having sex on the bed. Then we see Serena setting up a new date for Brian with the woman she picked, since he missed the last one. He agrees to go on it, because he feels bad for ditching the woman last time, and so he goes out and has lunch with the woman named Phoebe (Seana Ryan), and while he’s there he happens to see Jodi having lunch with another man. So he gets jealous and takes Phoebe home and they have sex on the couch. Then from Jodi’s point of view, the man she was out with was an ex (Christian Weiser) and they were just friends. But after they talk and Brian begs for forgiveness, they get back together again. The episode ends with them having sex in front of their fireplace in the living room.

Written by Artie Kemper
Gabriella Hall plays Emma. The film opens with her having dinner in her place with Tray (Ed Johnson) and then she performs a sexy strip-tease for him in front of the refrigerator, and then have sex on her bed. Kyle Kleefield plays Jon, Emma’s business partner and friend from college. She’s determined to get Jon a date, so one night when he’s over at her place she signs him up to The Pleasure Zone, and helps him full in his profile, and helps him pick out a date. Serena makes a mention that Emma and Jon seem perfect for each other but the both insist that they’re more like brother and sister. On his date, Jon is set up with Suzanne (Lisa Throw aka Nenna Quiroz). Emma is in the same restaurant with Tray, keeping an eye on Jon. Jon and Suzanne go home and have hot wild sex. The next at work, Jon is happy, but Emma is acting a bit jealous. After working all night to get a project done for a client, Emma confesses her feelings and they have sex. This episode also features Shayna Ryan as a potential date from Pleasure Zone, in a brief fantasy sequence where she gets topless.

Written by Karen O’Hara
Peter (Ramone Shalit) and Jeff (Timothy Stempien) work together. Jeff comes in to the office in the morning looking tired after his date the night before. He tells Peter about the hot sex he had with Rita (Jessica Sobel), which we see. Then Jeff prods Peter about the fact that Peter is always working and never goes out, so he sets Peter up on The Pleasure Zone. Peter arranges a date with a woman named Diane (Michelle Von Flotow), but Peter ends up missing the date because he’s working late in his office. So Diana shows up to his office and attempts to seduce him, but Peter resists, because he resists because he has to work, so she leaves. We get a scene of her coming back and them having sex on his desk, but that turns out to just be a dream. The next day Peter calls Diane and asks for a 2nd chance. They arrange another date, but then he has to call and cancel at the last minute. We then see him calling and canceling a 3rd date. And then we see him prepared to cancel a 4th date and work all weekend, thinking this will help him get promoted at work. But Jeff reveals that he got the promotion. Peter feels sad, and cancels his date anyway. This time Diane tells him to forget her and never call again. Late at night he’s sulking in his office, when he gets a call from Diane to come downstairs, where she puts handcuffs on him and blindfolds him, and then takes her back to her place, and has her way with him.

A great collections of episodes, my favorite one being Partners, thanks to the presence of Gabriella Hall as well as the all-too-brief scene with Shayna Ryan. But there isn’t a loser in this bunch. Several beautiful women, and every sex scene is very well-directed and shot. I highly recommend this show. Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

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