Written by Reed Richmond, this 2000 film from Surrender Cinema is only loosely what I would call a movie. It’s basically a collection of individual sex scenes, strung together by one common theme. As per the title, it’s about the “casting couch” scenario. In all but one scene, an aspiring actor or actress meets with a casting director about a part in an upcoming film. The film includes nudity and sex scenes (sometimes it seems to be implied that the film will include actual sex, other times it may just be acting). After some brief questions about the actors’ background and previous work, the casting director will ask to do a “body check,” which means that the actor needs to get naked so the casting director can check out their body. And then they have sex on a large couch (it’s the same couch in each scene, although I don’t know if it’s supposed to literally be the same couch or just that each casting director coincidentally has the same type of couch). Sometimes there are a few little changes in the exact details, but that’s basically it.There are 8 segments in total, each one around 7 minutes. 4 directors are credited, Christopher Clam, Don Dugan, Marcia Mint, and Tammy Trulaine, but we’re not told who directed which segments.

Actually, this film is pretty bad in terms of provided credit. Several of the scenes have the characters not even mentioning their names, and the credits don’t list character names anyway, just the actors, so sometimes I’m not sure who’s playing who. The women were easy enough to look up online and see who they are, but a couple of the men I’m not sure. So I’m just referring to the actors by their actual names in this film.

Holly Sampson (credited as Holly Samuels) plays a movie producer. The film opens in her office as she’s on the phone with someone discussing some open movie roles that she needs to get actors for. then she turns to “us”, welcomes us into her office and then offers to share with us some stories of sex that has taken place on the casting couch, and that’s the little hook of the film. In between each segment, we return to Holly, as she sets up the next scene. She begins in a short-skirt business suit. After the third segment, she’s just in her bra and panties. After the 5th segment she strips off her bra and panties and shows off her nude body, and then remains nude for the rest of the film, including a final scene after the last segment where she plays with herself for “us.”

The first scene as Stacie Marie coming to meet Everett Rodd. This is in an office, and Everett is sitting back on the couch with his shirt halfway unbuttoned when she walks in, so it should be clear what he’s after. Instead of discussing her previous work, he asks her some random personal questions about her first sex experience, her craziest sex experience, and what turns her on most about a man. Then when it’s time for the body check he has her strip then dance a little for him and then they have sex. When it’s finished, he tells her “I’ll consider you for the part,” to which she says “I hope so.” A decent scene.

The next scene has Taylor St. Clair, meeting with some dude named Joe (he looks familiar, so I’m sure I’ve seen him in other films, but no name is in the credits). He asks about her previous starring role, “Biker Girls In Leather”, in which she did love scene with men and women, but she says she prefers men. When Joe asks her for a body check, she turns the tables on him, and insists that she’ll only get naked if he gets naked first. He does, and she makes him turn around for him, and she kind of mocks his body saying he looks a little fat (he doesn’t, he’s muscular). Then when it’s her turn to strip, first she wants to know what this part pays. He tells her $500 a day, but she says she got $1000 a day on Biker Girls In Leather, and so he offers her $1200 a day for the role. And then she gets naked and then they have sex, in a hot scene which includes a simulated titty-fucking. This is also good for those who like CFNM. And the last twist is that she stops the sex and won’t let him cum until he shows her the contact for the movie, and then she brings him off (again, through titty-fucking), and then immediately signs the contract.

The third scene has Darby Daniels (aka Susan Hale, credited here as Susan Elizabeth) meeting with Sean Juergens, instead of an office this appears to take place in some kind of mansion, as the couch is in front of some large glass windows. They get right to business in this one, there’s barely any small talk. She hands him her headshot, he asks where she’s from and how long she’s been in town (Minnesota, 2 months), and she says she’d done some dancing before, so he ask her to dance for him. Rock music plays and she proceeds to dance and perform a strip tease for him. Once she’s naked she gives him a lapdance which leads to sex. Daniels does a good job with the strip-tease, but I just don’t find her particularly attractive.

The 4th scene reverses the roles, as Summer Knight plays the casting director, and Rob Casale plays the actor. This appears to take place in a basement, with nothing but the couch sitting up against a brick wall. The sound is not so good in this segment. Anyway, she makes him strip for her, and turn around so she can check out his body (another plus for CFNM fans), then has sit back down on the couch and tells him that this is a very competitive role, that she’s already seen 10 other men for it, and that he should do whatever he can think of to convince her to cast him. And thus the sex begins. It’s a good scene, with the sex looking pretty realistic.

The 5th scene also is supposed to be set in the UK, with both the casting director and the actress (neither of whose names I could find), both have British accident. This is in a small office. She comes in, says she doesn’t have much acting experience, but that she and her boyfriend once made and sold an amateur porn sex tape to make money. Then it’s time for the body check, she strips naked for him, and then asks him if he’ll strip naked for her. He does and they have sex, in a= decent scene.

The 6th scene is a different. This is back at the house in the third scene. Darby Daniels and Tawny Garrison are sitting on the couch together, waiting to meet “the director.” This scene doesn’t waste much time. There is some extremely brief dialog as the women show each other their head-shots and compliment each other, and then the next thing you know they’re having sex on the couch. Again, while I love softcore lesbian scenes, I’m not attracted to Darby (and Tawny is just okay), so this scene didn’t do much for me.

The 7th scene is back at Joe’s office. This time he meets with Amazonian babe Kara Styler. There’s a brief discussion of her resume, where she’s had 5 or 6 leading roles, including a lot of girl/girl scenes as well as girl/guy scenes, but she says she prefers being with men. She’s wearing a full length light-blue dress which, when Joe asks, she strips right out of revealing that she was wearing nothing underneath. She poses for him and Joe is mesmerized (as am I). And this leads to sex, where Joe spends a lot of time sucking on her big breasts. Then she sits down and he goes down on her. Then he stands and she returns the favor, and then they do it doggystyle on the couch. And then after Joe has a realistic-looking orgasm, Kara as if she’s got the part, to which he answers “yeah, I think you do.”

The truth is, I bought this movie specifically, and solely, because Kara Styler was in it. After seeing her in Virtual Encounters 2, I wanted to see more. And this scene makes the whole film worth getting, in my opinion. Seriously, her body is dynamite.

And the 8th and final scene once again features a female casting agent, this one played by Lisa Comshaw. This scene also seems to take place in house, it looks like a living room. The actress, a woman played by Shelly Andre (I think). Lisa is very professional at first. She explains that the role would have Shelly playing a lesbian, so she would need to be comfortable with full nudity and having a love scene (emphasizing that the sex would just be “simulated”) with another woman. Shelly claims she’s fine with that, so Lisa asks her to disrobe. When he tops comes off Lisa marvels at Shelly’s large fake breasts then has her take her panties off too to stand there nude. But then Lisa needs to see if Shelly’s really comfortable being with another woman, and Lisa’s going to be that other woman. And then Lisa strips (although she keeps her panties on) and they have sex. It’s mostly Lisa working on Shelly, licking her breasts and the going down on her. And then when it’s over they shake hands.

Not a classic, by any means, but Casting Couch is a decent effort. Chacebook rating: 3 STARS



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