This film was originally released in 2006 by Torchlight Pictures, but the copyright shows that it was filmed in 2003. Written by Anora Leachim and directed by Francis Locke, this film stars Monica Mayhem and Alex Ryan as Betty and Frank. They’re a married couple who have just arrived at some hotel beach resort for a vacation. On their first day as they check into their room, they overhear sex noises through the wall coming from the room next to theirs. At first it turns them on, and they have sex. But then Frank keeps listening and he hears what sounds like the other couple, whose names are Doug and Samantha, sounding like they’re talking about committing some violent crimes. There’s talk of shooting people, and hiding money. When Frank tells Betty what he heard, she at first assuming that he’s jumping to conclusions, and to just forget it.

Later Frank runs into Samantha (played by Akira Lane) and Betty runs into Doug (played by Eric Masterson). Both Samantha and Doug act suspicious (like Doug telling Betty that he’s at the hotel by himself, even through she knows he’s there with Samantha), which finally convinces Betty that Frank is right about them hiding something and, instead of just leaving the hotel or at least staying away from this people, the two of them decide to each hang around Samantha and Doug to see if they can fight out exactly what’s going on. Considering the nature of films like this, I’m sure it’s not a surprise to reveal that “hanging around them” involves having sex with them, separately.

There’s a lot more suspicious dialog that sounds like Doug is planning to murder Samantha. And (again, instead of getting away or calling the police), Frank and Betty decide to warn her, and Frank plans to confront Doug. And this is where the so-called plot-twist is revealed. I’m going to go ahead and spoil it since, if you’re even half as smart as I am, you would have figured it out halfway through the film (which, for the record, clocks in at one hour and twenty four minutes), if not sooner.

Doug and Samantha are pornographers. Doug is the director and Samantha is a performer. They checked into the hotel to shoot some videos there. But they don’t have a permit to shoot porn, and the hotel management doesn’t know that’s what they’re doing. That’s why they’re being so secretive, and when they were talking about “shooting” they meant shooting porn. So, with their concerns abated, Frank and Betty make the next natural decision: to join in an make some porn too! THE END

The plot isn’t bad. It’s just that it’s not really taken seriously. It plays more like a typical “mistaken idea” plot from sitcom. If it had been shot a bit more seriously, I could see this a suspenseful erotic thriller, with the twist at the end being a big shock. Nevertheless, I can safely recommend this film due to the attractive female cast and the hot sex scenes. There are only 5 in this film, but they’re mostly longer than average for softcore sex scenes. The shortest is around 8 minutes, the longest around 20.

Monica Mayhem and Alex Ryan have scene together on the bed in their room, early on in the film

Akira Lane and Alex Ryan have a scene together, in her hotel room.

Monica has a scene with Eric Masterson in the lounge of the hotel (apparently there were no other guests at the hotel that day), which is interesting as it starts out with Eric fingering Monica unders her skirt. And it focuses on that for quite awhile, before they actually have sex, with Eric taking his pants off and Monica gets in his lap, reverse-cowgirl.

Erika Jordan and Austin O’Riley play porn actresses Darlene and Susan in this film, they have a long smokin’ hot lesbian scene together on a bed (while Eric films it).

And the last one is a hot threesome between Monica, Akira, and Alex.

Beautiful women and long hot sex scenes earn Naughty Neighbors a Chacebook rating of 4 STARS

Unfortunately, this film appears to be out of print, so finding a DVD of the unrated version is difficult. It CAN be found online to download. But that’s notsomething I can explicitly endorse, so you’ll just have to look for that yourself.

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