Personals 2

First, don’t worry if you haven’t seen Personals 1, this supposed sequel has no connection to it, beyond the name. Written by Edward Gorsuch and April White, and directed by Kelley Cauthen, this 2001 film star Beverly Lynne as Jessie, a writer for a pop culture news magazine. Mia Zottoli plays Jessie’s demanding boss, Diane. Unhappy with much of Jessie’s recent work, Diane assigns Jessie to write an article about online dating. This is a topic that Jessie initially has no interest in. She enlists her coworkers Lisa and David (Candace Washington and Daniel S. D’Ottavio) to help her by sharing their past and current experiences with online dating. Christopher John Kapanke plays Nick, another coworker, he’s the magazine photographer known for having sex with the models he shoots for it. Eddie Jay plays Jessie’s live-in boyfriend Jonathan. He runs a charter boat business, so he’s often out at sea, and with her busy job he and Jessie are unsatisfied with the small amount of time that they get to spend together. And when Jessie catches Jonathan cheating on her, they break up. And, as a newly single woman, her coworkers convince her that the perfect way to research online dating is to sign up for it herself. And so that is the premise of the film. We see Jessie’s experiences with online dates, as well as those of Lisa and David.

So, as far the story goes, it’s pretty decent. Certainly, it’s a much more coherent tale than it’s predecessor. And the cast is top notch, especially Beverly Lynne. Judging by her filmography on IMDB, there is actually her first starring film role, and only her second professional acting role altogether. I would not have guessed that from her performance in this film. She is a very good actress. I have no complaints about any of the rest of the cast either, everyone is as adept at delivering dialog as they are at simulating sex. That being said, let’s talk about the sex!

In about an hour and half, this film offers a whopping 10 full sex scenes. Beverly Lynne has 4 scenes. All B/G. One with Eddie Jay, that’s the opening scene while Jessie and Jonathan are still together, they have sex in bed. Tom Montreal and Glen Meadows each play guys that Jessie goes out with after meeting via an online dating site, and she has a sex scene with each of them. With Montreal in his house on a couch, and one with Meadows back at Jessie’s place, where they have sex while standing up against a wall. Lynne and Meadows show excellent chemistry in their scene, and it’s no surprised that 5 years later they would get married in real life. Her final scene is with Christopher John Kapanke, as (SPOILER ALERT, I guess), Jessie and Nick realize that they’re right for each other in the end.

Kapanke also has a sex scene with adult film star Dee (credited here as Dee Summer & aka Dee Baker), who plays a model that Nick is shooting for the magazine. It takes place after Dee poses for a sexy photoshoot. And Eddie Jay has a scene with Holly Hollywood, who plays the woman that Jessie catches Jonathan cheating with.

Candace Washington has two scenes, both of which take place in gym, as she’s a workout enthusiast. The first is with Christeon Gordon, one of her online dates, which is notable as he is a Black male. So that’s two Black folks in a softcore movie at once, along with Dee, who is a Black Puerto Rican. That is unusual. And it’s cool. And later Candace has a scene with Daniel S. D’Ottavio, as their characters also realize that they’re right for each other.

Daniel S. D’Ottavio also has a scene with April Flowers, who plays one of his online dates. She dresses up in a sex dominatrix outfit, for some light Femdom in their scene. And there is one lesbian scene, it’s between Mia Zottoli and Inari Vaches, in another online date where they have sex on the desk in Diane’s office.

All of the sex scene are pretty hot. My only complaint would be that Shayna Lee has a role in this film, in which we see her character get ready to have sex, but we don’t actually see it happen. That was a waste. But with the decent story and talented cast, this makes this film a definite winner. Chacebook rating: 5 STARS



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