Written by Samm Croft and Louise Monclair, and directed by Paul Levine, this 2001 film stars Renee Rea as Juliette, a 22 year old college student who lives in a large luxurious house (with a pool) in what appears to be the Hollywood Hills, with her best friend Sara (Tera Patrick) and Sara’s boyfriend David (Sebastien Guy). Sara is a stripper, and we don’t learn exactly what David does, but we do see him going off to “work” once with a saxophone. So how the three of them afford that place is never explained or addressed. Just go along with it.

Anyway, Juliette is trying to write a doctoral thesis  about sex, why people want it and why they do what they do to get it. The problem is that Juliette is very inexperienced with sex and relationships, so Sara suggests she try looking up personal ads in the newspaper, for people who want casual encounters, in order to gain some experience that she can writer about in her thesis. Juliette goes along with this idea, and that’s the basic premise of the rest of the movie, Juliette having (or watching) new sexual experiences with people she meets via newspaper personal ads. She is coached and occasionally helped along the way by Sara and David, whose relationship is “open.”

The first person Juliette meets is a man named Alex (Brad Bartram). Except, she doesn’t really meet him. She goes to his place, a  mansion, where he speaks to her from another room via microphone sound system while watching her through remote cameras. He just wants her to dress up in various outfits and then strip for him, while they talk. This happens a few times, and Juliette becomes more and more interested in actually meeting Alex, and gets frustrated when he repeatedly denies it.

Other personal ads includes Helen, a conservative businesswoman (played by Mary Shannon) wants to be dominated by woman and have sex with a man. So Juliette puts on a dominatrix outfit, and “forces” her to have sex with David.

Brandy Davis plays Alicia, who wants another woman to join her and her husband Eddie (Dillon Morgan Silver) for a threesome (it’s his birthday present). Since Juliette’s never been with another woman before, Sara invites her friend and fellow stripper Leslie (Toni Taylor) over so Juliette can watch them have sex with each other. After that’s done, we see Juliette have her threesome with Alicia and Eddie.

One night Juliette, Sara, and David all go to the strip club together, and watch two unnamed and uncredited women perform onstage together. Then Sara gets Leslie to take Juliette on stage and teach her some stripping moves, while Sara goes into a backroom to perform for one of her best customers, a man named Joseph (Adoni Maropis). David watches Sara and David from the doorway, as she gives him a lapdance which includes letting him suck on her breasts, and gets jealous. He takes Juliette into one of the dressing rooms and they have sex. Afterward, they both regret it, with Juliette helping David realize that his newfound jealousy means that he’s fallen in love with Sara, but neither of them are sure if they should tell Sara about the the two of them.

Things come to a head as Juliette goes back to Alex’s for another performance, but we see that he has another woman (Sasha Peralto) in his room and he has sex with her while Juliette is dancing downstairs. When Juliette finally hears the moans of sex through the microphone she realizes what’s happening and gets upset and leaves. And then she tells Sara about her and David, which makes Sara made and threatens their friendship. And then Alex keeps calling her, but now Juliette doesn’t want to meet him and then it all ends in a orgy where everyone is wearing masks…and, honestly, it just lost me.

I just couldn’t get into this story at any point. I didn’t care about any of the characters or what was happening to them. I hate to single out Renee Rea, but she is the leading lady here, but her acting was just flat, as were most of her sex scenes. I didn’t see the supposed strong connection that was developing between her character and Alex, even though they hadn’t met. Tera Patrick and Sebastien Guy are both better actors, but their characters’ arc wasn’t much better, as the whole jealousy thing on David’s part just comes out of nowhere. So I didn’t really care whether they stayed together or not. Although at least they have better scenes. Tera and Sebastien have a hot sex scene in an outdoor shower earlier in the film. And Tera’s lesbian scene is hot too. One thing I will take note of this film is that in the sex, they show more than usual. By that I mean vagines. We actually see, y’know, the lips, of most of the women. That’s new.

But, ultimately, this is an uninspired film, with a few good sex scenes, but that isn’t very engaging and could have been much better. Chacebook rating: 3 STARS


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