This is one of my favorite softcore films, so much so that even though I had it on tape, I later bought the DVD. First, don’t worry if you haven’t seen Virtual Encounters. I’m not sure if I have, I’ve seen so many late-night softcore films on cable over the years that many of them just tend to blur together in my mind, but I can assure you that that is unnecessary, as with many softcore “sequels”, the only thing in common is the movie title.

This is the story of two college roommates, Mel and Sam. Mel is infatuated with a co-ed named Ginger . The film opens with Mel & Ginger having sex in his dorm room, beginning with him rubbing an ice-cube on her nipples, but then Sam walks in the room and we discover that it was just a dream, as Mel wakes up. Then Mel and Sam head to their art class, and discover that Ginger is one of the models, posing nude with another man, for the class to sketch. Mel is shocked, and begins to imagine Ginger and the male model having sex, and he storms out of the class.

Later, Mel comes across some add for a virtual reality computer program, and orders it online. He discovers that when he logs on, and places this special headset on his head, he can live out any special fantasy. And that’s the premise of this film, as we’re treated to a series of vignettes of sexual encounters.

First, Mel tries it out and becomes a suave James Bond-like secret agent, dressed in a white tuxedo, who rescues a woman who is chained to a table and,beautiful in gratitude, the have sex on the table.

Then Mel tells Sam to try it out, and Sam imagines that he’s on a motorcycle having sex with a woman, who is played by softcore legend, Nikki Fritz.

Mel is ecstatic, and puts up an add on a bulletin board, charging students to come to their room and try out the program. First, a nerdy guy comes over and imagines that he’s a big buff construction worker, who has a threesome with two female construction workers, played by Fritz and Kara Styler (credited here as Chrissey Styler). This scene is unbelievable hot.

Next, a female student comes in, and her fantasy begins with her laying on a bed in a bikini, being stripped and caressed by three pairs of male hands, and then she and one man have sex.

Then Ginger comes by, with her friend Diane (Jill Tompkins). Diane tries the program, and fantasizes that she’s at a strip-club, watching Kara Styler perform a very erotic strip tease (she shows EVERYTHING, including bush), and then Styler pulls Diane to her, and begins kissing her, and taking Diane’s clothes off, until both women are naked and dancing together. Afterward, Ginger is reluctant to try it, and both women leave.

Next we see a passionate sex scene with Mel and Ginger on a large love-seat. It’s Mel just using the program to live out his fantasy. Then Ginger comes back, and agrees to try it, and she fantasizes that she’s a bartender in an Old Western saloon. When a handsome cowboy comes in, he orders a drink, and then they have sex on the bar.

Next scene, Mel walks into his room, and sees that Sam is running the program for Ginger, and Mel sees that it’s the same fantasy he ran earlier of him and Ginger having sex. Mel is shocked and embarrassed that Ginger is seeing this, but Sam is confident, and leave the room. Then Ginger takes off the headset, and tells Mel that she feels the same way about him, and the two of them have sex, for real, on the bed.

Later, as they sleep, Sam comes in, puts the headset on, and we’re treated to a series of flashbacks of the previous fantasies, as the credits roll.

I really like this film. The scenes featuring Nikki Fritz and Kara Styler are enough to make this worth the price. Fritz, as mentioned, is a legend in this genre. And Styler is a smoking hot, 6’0″ tall, former Playboy playmate and nude model who makes her “acting” debut in this film (the opening credits say “Introducing Chrissey Styler”) and, sadly, hasn’t performed in many softcore films after this. The only other film I’ve seen with her is a movie called “Hot Desires,” which I have on tape but is extremely rare to find on DVD, and I’ve heard about a film called “Casting Couch,” which I’ve never seen, and is similarly hard to find. So that just makes this film even more special for it’s rarity.

But the real standout here is Brandy Davis. This film was also her debut starring role in a softcore film but, fortunately, she went on to perform in several softcore films and tv series‘ throughout the late 90’s-early 2000’s. Her 3 full scenes here are all top-notch, and very erotic. She and Ethan Hunt, particularly, have great chemistry in their two scenes together.

All of the vignettes are filmed with music playing, so we don’t actually hear the actors moaning or anything, but that doesn’t distract me. All of the actors seem to be enjoying themselves, and do a good job of looking like they’re really having sex, complete with realistic orgasms motions at the end of each encounter.

The dvd has easy-to-navigate scenes selections, making it easy to skip to and rewatch your favorite scenes, and the extras include full trailers for several other softcore films from Seduction Cinema.

I highly recommend this film.

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