his 1998 film, written by Paul Sinor and directed by Brigitte Berman, is one of my longtime favorite softcore films for three reasons. It stars softcore veteran Brandy Davis, who has impressed me in Virtual Encounters 2, and Pleasurecraft, as well as the dozen other films and TV shows that I’ve seen her in). It co-stars the Late Lorissa McComas (R.I.P.), one of the hottest actresses to ever grace the softcore silver screen. And it also features a stunning voluptuous woman named Gaelle Comparat, whom I sadly can’t find much information about. This is one of only 3 movies that she appeared in, in 1998 and 1999, and then she just disappears from public life. But, damn, does she make an impression here.

Brandy plays a woman named Toni, and Scott Carson is her boyfriend Mike. They’re happy and in love, although it’s apparent that Mike is a little more sexually inhibited than Toni is. Still, early in the film, we get a very hot sex scene between the two of them on a bed. Lorissa plays Kristin, a successful model. When we first see her she’s going home with David (Karl Preston) after a date, and they have sex on a couch in his living room. Afterward she gets a call about a modeling assignment, and has to leave quickly, although David is clearly more interested in seeing her again than she is. Gaelle is Jan, a very sexually uninhibited woman who is a professional photographer. The film also stars Marc Robinson as Glen, another photographer who is interested in Jan, but she’s not interested in having a relationship with anyone.

Toni and Mike plan a weekend getaway up in the mountains. Meanwhile Jan has arranged a weekend photo-shoot with Kristin out in mountains. Mike’s car breaks down and they hike through the woods and come across the cabin that Jan and Kristin are staying at, but the ladies are out in the woods taking pictures (we get a montage of Kristin posing, in various states of undress, while Jan takes pictures of her). Not knowing that anyone is staying there, Toni and Mike have sex by the fireplace, in another sexy scene. When the ladies return, they offer to let Toni and Mike stay with them the rest of the weekend, and then Jan asks them to help out in Kristin’s next photo-shoot. So Toni helps Kristin put on make-up, while Mike takes some pictures as Kristin poses nude. Then, at Jan’s suggestion, Toni gets undressed too, and she and Kristin pose together. Later on, Toni takes a shower and Jan joins her. Those two ladies burn up the screen together.

The next morning, Glen shows up and wakes up Jan in bed. Then he gets in the bed with her and they have a smokin’ hot sex session. Then afterward, while they’re still laying in bed together, Jan suggests that Glen should get together with Kristin, although he’s skeptical about dating a model. Jan takes him out to introduce him to Toni and Mike, and then she and Glen go out to walk around to find new locations for shooting, while Mike prepares to take some pictures of Kristin in an outdoor hot tub. Once again, Kristin soon gets undressed and gets in the tub with Kristin to pose with her, while Mike gives directions and takes photos. The ladies start making out with each other for a bit, before turning to Mike and they have a threesome. Later that night, after a game of truth or dare while sitting around a campfire, which involves some more nudity, Glen and Kristin do get together.

The last act of the film involves David coming out to the cabin, looking for Kristin. He’s obsessed with her and tries to kidnap her. I won’t spoil how that ends, but truthfully that little plot diversion isn’t all that important. What is important is that it is a very beautifully shot film with a great cast. The various couples all have great chemistry together, which really shines during their sex scenes. 

Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

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