LIFE ON TOP episode 18: Ladies Night

Heather Vandeven, Jayden Cole, and Kayden Kross

Written by Joey Savage (based on the novel by Clara Darling) and directed by Jared West, this episode shows Bella (Heather Vandeven) back at college, something we haven’t seen since her first day back in episode 15. Michael Johnson returns as fellow student Rubin, although he and Bella don’t hook this time. Instead, Bella joins an all-female photography class, where she clashes with the teacher but befriends and has hot lesbian sex with a classmate named Nora (Molinee Green).

As much as I love seeing Heather Vandeven in lesbian scenes, this one was underwhelming since it took place in a photography darkroom, so it was under red light the whole time, which made it harder to see.

The main plot involves Melissa who has been working as the promoter for Club Embryo, but her efforts aren’t going so well. Her most recent promotion of “80’s Night” wasn’t as successful as she’d hoped. Justine Jolie, who appeared in episodes six and seven of season one, playing a model named Jen who worked with Bella, returns in this episode playing Elizabeth, the girlfriend of Edward (Kaven Reece) who manages the club and who doesn’t think Melissa is worth paying for promotion and threatens to fire her if she can’t bring more customers in. Elizabeth and Edward have a hot sex scene in her office in the back of the club.

Avi and Peter (Daniel Messier and Steven Ross) are still having conflicts at work, so at Regina’s (Brandin Rackley) suggestion, they sign up for a team-building seminar. It doesn’t go well, but they do kind of make up, and decide to go out for a drink after they get kicked out of the seminar.

Melissa promotes a Ladies Night, where women get in free, on the basis that this will naturally attract men to pay to get in. Her plan goes awry when only women show up, because the night was erroneously advertised as having male strippers for entertainment. When Avi and Peter arrive, as the only males in the club besides the bartender and DJ, the women assume they’re the strippers. So in order to save Melissa’s job, they get on stage and dance for the ladies.

Elizabeth is happy, so Melissa gets to keep her job, and Peter ends up going home with one of the women from the bar, played by Lexi Belle, and having sex with her.

This was a decent episode but not one of the series’ best. Chacebook rating: THREE STARS

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