LIFE ON TOP episode 15: Inner Animal

Riley Steele

Written by Jess Roman (based on the novel by Clara Darling) and directed by Jared West, the title “Inner Animal” is a reference to the animalistic expression people have on their faces when they orgasm. The episode opens with Bella (Heather Vandeven) questioning Melissa (Jayden Cole) about a date she had the night before. Melissa says it didn’t go that well, as it was the 3rd date and they had sex for the first time, but her  (Marcus Marius, credited as playing “The Dude”) came too fast, and Melissa was turned off by the look on his face when he came. Bella claims that this is because everyone has some kind of animal inside them that comes out when they orgasm.

We learn that Bella’s real name is Anabelle, and this is the name she’s going by as she’s starting her first day in college. But if this is part of Bella’s plan to put her former life behind her, as was stated near the end of the first season, she doesn’t seem to have changed her hedonistic ways as she meets a fellow student named Rubin (Michael Johnson), and after they attend a class together she goes back to his dorm room and has sex with him. Then he takes her to a costume party.

Melissa meets Nico (Eric Zentner) who is the manager for a famous model named Berlin (Ryan Keely), to arrange for Berlin to make an appearance at the opening night of club Embryo, where Melissa works. The appearance goes off well, with Berlin pretending to get drunk to get pictures by the paparazzi, which brings publicity to the club, Nico approaches Melissa about becoming a model herself, which she is skeptical about. Then they have sex on her desk.

And Riley Steele joins the cast as Tippi, the new secretary hired for Avi’s firm VentiCap. It’s immediately clear that she’s not qualified for the job, she’s a stereotypical small-town ditzy blonde, whom Avi (Daniel Messier) hired just because she’s hot. But she rebuffs his advances and ends up banging Peter (Steven Ross) in his office.

Another just-average episode. I’m still not connecting as much with the new characters, and not even the sex scene stand out, aside from the one with Vandeven. Hopefully, the season will find its “voice” soon. Chacebook rating: THREE STARS

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