Hotel Erotica Cabo episode 11: Whole Lotto Love

Divini Rae

Written by Nancy French and directed by Gary Dean Orona, this episode stars Rafe Urquhart and Tate Ammons as Nick and Dan, two brothers who have checked into the hotel for a mini-vacation. Right from the start we see that the two brothers are polar opposites, Nick is the uptight profit-oriented businessman, who is in Cabo to attend a business conference, and Dan is the disorganized liberal activist who just wants to relax.

While there, Dan discovers that a lotto ticket that he bought as a joke is the winning ticket, and he stands to claim $57 million. But instead of reacting like a normal person, he gets all conflicted and doesn’t know if he wants to claim the money because he doesn’t want to turn into the kind of rich person that he hates.

Or something. Whatever it’s lame.

Over the course of the episode, he meets a woman named Michelle (Melissa Montgomery) who teaches him that you can have money and still be socially responsible, while Nick meets a woman named Lynn (Kira Eggers) who teaches him that money isn’t everything. And they all leave the hotel to go live happily ever after. I guess.

For the second episode in a row, Corrine and Amanda (Divini Rae and Kimberly Fisher) are mostly sidelined and don’t have much to do with the story as we focus on the guest stars, which would be fine if the story was more engaging, which it wasn’t. We do get 4 decent sex scenes, Urquhart and Eggers twice, while Ammons has one with Montgomery, plus one with Tabitha Stevens (it’s a fantasy sequence). Only the two with Eggers are really worth watching this episode for. Otherwise, it’s pretty average overall.

Chacebook rating: THREE STARS

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