Hotel Erotica Cabo episode 10: Summer Lovers

Molinee Green

Written by Karen O’Hara and directed by Gary Dean Orona, this episode stars Molinee Green and Kevin Mans as Peyton and Alex. The two of them have been invited to spend a weekend in Cabo in a two-room villa by Peyton’s old friend from college, Eve (Nikki Nova).

Peyton and Alex are a seemingly happy couple, who engage in role-playing when they have sex. When they first arrive at the villa, before Eve has gotten there, they pretend to be strangers who just met. And that night they sleep in separate rooms until Alex “accidentally” gets into bed with her after getting up to get some water in the middle of the night. Instead of being upset, Peyton is happy about it and invites him to stay and they have sex. It’s the next morning when we realize that they’re already a couple.

When Eve arrives, we see that she’s a sexually free spirit, as she doesn’t hesitate to strip naked in front of Peyton and Alex and start sunbathing nude right next to them. This leads to Alex fantasizing about rubbing suntan lotion on her nude body and then having sex with her. He’s so turned on that he takes Peyton back to their room to have sex again, this time pretending to be a pirate who has kidnapped her.

Later, when Alex is out deep sea diving, Peyton confides to Eve that while the sex is good, she’s beginning to get tired of role-playing every single time they do it, as it’s making her think that Alex doesn’t really want to be with her, he just wants to be with these other fantasy women that she pretends to be. Eve then seduces Peyton, and they have hot lesbian sex.

Something about this encounter enables Peyton to open up to Alex about what she wants (because that’s how sex works in softcore porn), and we then see them having a picnic on the beach, which leads to sex, this time with no role-playing, just as themselves. And now they can leave the island happy as ever. THE END.

A bit of an abrupt end, and Divini Rae and Kimberly Fisher take a backseat this episode, as Corrine and Amanda don’t really have much to do but watch the action taking place, but it was still a satisfying episode of this series. Much credit goes to Molinee Green and Kevin Mans, as it speaks to the chemistry those actors have with each other that we can watch three sex scenes of the same couple in a half-hour show and not get tired of it. That being said, the lesbian scene with Nikki was the highlight of the episode. A threesome scene with her would have made this episode a classic. But she walks around naked a lot, so that’s a plus.

Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS


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