Hotel Erotica Cabo episode 9: Stolen Kisses

Divini Rae

Written by D.B. Brooks and directed by Gary Dean Orona, this episode guest-stars Douglas Boudreaux as Jacques, a new quest at the hotel. He meets with Corrine (Divini Rae) and tells her that he’s an importer/exporter who specializes in ancient historical artifacts, which turns out to be something that Corrine happens to be interested in, and they immediately hit it off.

Kelli Brown plays Tina, another guest at the hotel. And then we soon find out the truth, which is that she and Jacques are a couple of thieves, who are former partners and ex-lovers. They broke up when Tina stole some jewels from him, but she tracked him to Cabo wanting to get in on his latest scheme, which is to steal some valuable Aztec artifact that Corrine has in her room. Jacques had a replica of the item made, which he plans to switch wth the real one, so Corrine won’t know it’s missing. He also tells Tina that this going to be his last con job, after this he plans to go straight, although Tina doesn’t believe him.

Later while Corrine and Jacques are out to dinner, Tina takes the fake item and breaks into Corrine’s room but a bunch of things keep going wrong, leading up to a point where she has the real item and the fake one but can’t tell which is which. But then that turns out to be a dream, somehow. Apparently, she never got a chance to break in, which is good because after the date Jacques changed his mind and now doesn’t want to steal from Corrine after all, so he just calls it off. And that’s it?

I don’t know, this was a confusing end.

Likewise, the b-plot involving Amanda is also incomplete. Her ex-boyfriend Dillon (Michael Dean) shows up at the hotel. She dumped him just before she moved to Cabo, because she thought he wanted to be a doctor but he was just a pothead, whose only ambition now was to open a hemp farm. Now he’s tracked her to Cabo to convince her that he’s changed. She tries to avoid him at first, but they go to the beach where he tells her he’s enrolled in med school, which makes her happy and so they have sex.

And that’s it for them too. Does this mean they’re back together? That’s unclear, the episode just ends.

Just like in the previous episode, we get another scene where Corrine has a flashback of having sex with Amanda’s father, Collin (Mark Gullion), with the indication being that she misses him and wishes he were around more, although this doesn’t stop her from having sex with Jacques.

So we get those three sex scenes I mentioned, plus one of Boudreaux and Brown. All of them are smoking hot, especially the two scenes with Divini Rae, which is what makes this episode worth watching, despite the somewhat lackluster storylines. It’s enough to give this a Chacebook rating of FOUR STARS

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