An Erotic Tale of Ms. Dracula

An Erotic Tale of Ms. Dracula

I just watched this film tonight, airing on Showtime Extreme. I’d never heard of it before, and I don’t know exactly when it was filmed, but it looks like it was originally released sometime in the fall of last year. No writer is listed, but it’s directed by Jake Turner, a man who has no other IMDB credits besides this one film. I strongly suspect that it’s a pen-name, possibly for Jim Wynorski or Fred Olen Ray. Or at the very least, it is someone who has worked with one of both of them and studied their methods. That’s most obvious by the way the sex scenes are filmed: mostly with fast-pumping action, while loud uptempo music plays, so we don’t hear any moans or dialog from the actors. Also, there’s a very heavy emphasis on lesbian sex in this film, even when there is a man involved, and some of the actresses briefly look directly at the camera during the sex scenes, which is another Wynorski staple.

Story-wise it’s also not exactly Shakespeare, with only the barest of plots. It’s a short film, at 75 minutes long, consisting of multiple sex scenes with minimal dialog scenes in between.
Alexis Texas stars as Ms. Dracula. She’s living in a mansion, with three fellow female vampires, Carlie (Scarlet Red), Melanie (Addie Juniper) and Kenna (Natasha Voya credited here as Charlize Love), plus her manservant Renfield (Romeo Price). The film wastes no time getting right to what it knows the audience wants to see, as the opening scene shows Ms. Dracula naked in a large bathtub, where she is quickly joined by the Carlie, Kenna, and another woman whom we later learn is named Ashley (Allie James), for a 4-way lesbian threesome.

We then meet the husband and wife team of Harker and Meena, played by softcore film veteran Tony Marino and adult film actress Anna Morna (in her 2nd softcore film role after Lolita From Interstellar Space). We see them watching the mansion from across the street, using a pair of binoculars to watch the action. They’ve been hired by Van Helsing (Chad White), and at first it’s implied that they’re hunting vampires, and are expecting a one million dollar payment from Van Helsing for this. Back inside the mansion we see Melanie flirting with Renfield, and soon the two of them are running out to the large pool in the backyard, while stripping off their clothes. Harker and Meena secretly watch from some bushes as Renfield and Melanie get busy in the pool. When that’s over, Harker calls Van Helsing to tell him what they saw. Harker mentions that he doesn’t think Melanie could be a Vampire because she was out in the sun, but Van Helsing says that Renfield has invented a special potion which he gives Ms. Dracula and the ladies to drink, which allows them to survive outdoors during the daytime. We then learn that Harker and Meena’s real mission is to rescue Ashley from Ms. Dracula.

That night, Harker and Meena return to the mansion and knock on the front door. They claim to be professional masseurs who were hired to service Ms. Dracula and her houseguests. At first Renfield just tells them to leave but when Ms. Dracula sees Harker she is immediately attracted to him and tells Renfield to invite them in. Then Ms. Dracula takes Harker upstairs with her to give her a massage and tells Renfield to show Meena around. Once she and Harker get to her bedroom, Ms. Dracula shows that what she’s really interested in is sex, and they get right to on her bed.

In another room we see Carlie, Kenna, and Melanie playing pool. Carlie bets Kenna that Kenna won’t make her next shot, and if she does Kenna gets to spank Carlie. Kenna makes the shot and so Carlie prepares to get spanked, and Melanie decides to join in. The spanking quickly turns into a threeway lesbian scene on the pool table.

Meanwhile, Renfield is showing Meena around the mansion. It should be noted that although it was night-time when Meena and Harker arrived, the light shining through the windows clearing shows that it is daytime now. But nevermind. As they walk past one room which Renfield refuses to show Meena, saying it’s off-limits, we see that Ashley is gagged and tied to the bed inside. While walking up the large staircase in the mansion, Renfield and Meena stop to have sex on it, finished on the top floor at the end of the stairs.

Then we see Van Helsing sneaking into the mansion (through the front door, and it’s still daytime). He sneaks up the stairs (finding Meena’s panties still on it), and opens the door to Ms. Dracula’s bedroom, where he sees her laying naked on her bed, with Renfield, in his clothes, laying next to her. Van Helsing closes the door before the see him, and walks over to a balcony where he looks down and sees Carlie, Kenna, and Melanie in bikinis, doing some yoga in the backyard. So Van Helsing goes down to see them, and the ladies think he’s the new Yoga instructor, and ask him to help them stretch. Of course, this turns into a 4-way sex scene outdoors.

Back in the house, Meena goes into Ms. Dracula’s room, where Ms. Dracula is still asleep (how much time has passed since Ms. Dracula was with Harker? Who knows…), and wakes her up. Meena asks where Harker is, but doesn’t Ms. Dracula doesn’t know, and says she still never actually got the massage he promised, so she asks Meena to do it. Next thing you know, the two ladies are out back, both of them are topless in bikini bottoms, as Ms. Dracula is laying down on some kind of table while Meena is rubbing Ms. Dracula’s ass. Quickly Meena slips Ms. Dracula’s panties off and gets down to stiff her face in between Ms. Dracula’s butt-cheeks. This becomes a full-on lesbian session with some kissing, licking, and scissor-action.

Back in the house, Harker is walking around. He passes the room that Ashley is in, and hears her moaning. He picks the lock, finds her and unties her gag. Ashley says she’s being held captive because Ms. Dracula is planning to turn her into a vampire (it’s not clear what Ms. Dracula is waiting for, or why she hasn’t done it yet). Ashley also cries because she says she’s a virgin and doesn’t want to die as one. So after Harker unties her from the bed, she so grateful that she wants to have sex with him. Next scene is of them having sex on a lounge chair on the balcony outdoors.

Then we see Ms. Dracula back in her bedroom, now wearing some lingerie outfit. She’s sort of prancing around and looking at the camera like she’s performing, when Van Helsing comes in. She’s surprised to see him, but not too shocked. There’s some talk about Renfield’s jealousy driving them apart, but not letting that happen anymore. And this leads outdoors on a balcony. I have to say that this was probably my favorite sex scene of the film. Alexis and Chad just had really good chemistry.

Harker and Ashley run into Meena in the living room. But then the door opens so Harker quickly rushes Ashley out of the room, while Meena stays there and is greeted by Carlie, Melanie, and Kenna, who assume that she is there to massage them. Meena goes along with this, and the ladies to decide to “do it in the garden.” This leads to a 4-way lesbian session outdoors.

Back inside we see that Ashley has somehow tied up Harker in the shower. He’s naked and she’s gagged him, saying she knows he was only there for the million dollar reward. She tries to leave the mansion by herself, but is caught by Renfield outside. She tries to play it off to him that she wasn’t trying to leave, and then starts crying again about how she doesn’t want to “die a virgin”, so then they have sex outdoors, next to this little fire that is lit (yes, it’s still broad daylight, so why is there a fire outside? Nevermind.). Afterward, Ashley asks if this means Renfield is going to let her go now. He says no, and drags her back inside.

Next scene it’s back in the living room. Van Helsing, Ms. Dracula, Renfield, Ashley, Harker, Meena, Carlie and Keena are all sitting around a fireplace (Melanie is not there, and no one mentions her). Ms. Dracula is sitting on Van Helsing’s lap, indicating that they’re together now, and Van Helsing says he lied about having a million dollars to pay Harker and Meena, just so he could get them to help him. And Ashley points out that she’s no longer a virgin anymore. So Ms. Dracula says the only thing left now is: “ORGY!”

And that’s the final scene, a big orgy in the living room in front of the fireplace. Harker and Meena are having sex with each other on the coach, while Ms. Dracula, Carlie and Van Helsing have a threesome on the floor, and Carlie, Ashley, and Renfield have a threesome on a big chair. Despite all the simultaneous action going on, this is one of the shorter sex scenes in this film, before it simply ends with the credits rolling.

Now if you’re wondering why I’m leaving out all the vampire action in this recap of the film, that is because there is no vampire action in this film. Early on, after the opening scene, we see Ms. Dracula opening her mouth and revealing some sharp-looking fangs. And that’s it. We never see that again on her, nor any of the other women, no one is bitten or turns into a bat or anything. This, along with the illogical “plot”, make it hard to really recommend this film. It is saved by the sex scenes, all of which are good, if not great. I think it helped by the fact that almost the entire cast, save for Marino, are hardcore adult film stars. I think this experience aids them in making their sex scenes look as realistic as possible. The standouts being Alexis Texas and Allie James, both of whom have the best scenes in this film.

Still, the highest rating I can give this film is 3 STARS

An Erotic Tale of Ms. Dracula is, as of this writing, not available for sale on DVD or via (legal) download. So you’ll have to check your cable listings for air-times.

P.S. Allie James’ husband is currently undergoing treatment for testicular cancer. They have a 7-month old son, and are trying to raise funds for his treatment. If you can spare anything to help, go to their page here: Travis’ Cancer Treatment

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