Beverly Hills Bordello DVD 2 PACK


Beverly Hills Bordello was a softcore half hour television series that ran on cable from 1996 to 1998. I’m not sure exactly how many episodes were produced, IMDB has 17 listed for Season 1, 3 for Season 2, and 9 for Season 3, but I think they’re missing several episodes. It’s hard to say for sure, there some VHS collection released but not many on DVD, but I personally still have a lot of episodes that I recorded on tape. Anyway the premise of a show was a woman named Veronica Winston was running a brothel out of a large mansion in Beverly Hills. One early episode dealt with a police officer blackmailing Veronica for free sex from the various prostitutes who lived and worked at the mansion, in exchange for not arresting her, otherwise the brothel seems to be operating rather blatantly and openly in the city, despite prostitution being illegal (although it was stated to be an exclusive invitation-only clientele).

Many actors who were or would become softcore veterans appeared on the series, both as prostitutes and clients. Several actors appeared in multiple episodes playing different characters. For the first season Veronica Winston was played by Nicole Gian, then Gabriella Hall took over the role in Season 2 and 3, and then in some of the last episodes of Season 3 she was played by Monique Parent. Before appearing in that role, both Gabriella and Monique had appeared on the show as clients. Shauna O’Brien appeared on the show both as a client and as a prostitute, Nikki Fritz appeared in 2 episodes as a prostitute in episodes that aired back to back, but her character was named Jocelyn in one and Paige in the other, Lauren Hays also appeared a few times. Those are just the name off the top of my head, many other known faces appeared on this series in various roles.

It was an enjoyable series, the sex scenes were always very “romantic” in the way they were shot, with lots of kissing and caressing and soft music playing. I’d love to get the whole series on a DVD boxset if possible. Anyway, I noticed that a seller on iOffer had this set of 2 DVD’s, with 3 episodes each on it, for sale, so I thought I’d review those episodes, most of which I already have on tape.

written and directed by Jon Burroughs.
Cheryl Dent plays a woman named Jennifer who works in an office and when the episode begins she’s daydreaming about having sex with her coworker, Mikki (Denise Samson), she’s snapped out of the fantasy by her boss James (Doug Jeffery) who asks her about some account she’s working on and notices that she’s been “distracted” lately. He offers to take her to dinner, but she declines. That night at home Cheryl looks up the Beverly Hills Bordello website and logs on.

This was something only showcased in a few episodes in later seasons, where customers would interact with the brothel only through the website, where they could talk to prostitutes about their sexual fantasies. Again, it calls into question how this brothel was able to operate so openly, when they also had an active website (which showed the mansion it was located at), but nevermind.

Through the website Cheryl connects to a woman named Ally (Elina Madison), and tells her about her attraction to Mikki. Cheryl and Ally talk via a private chatroom and we’re show a visual representation of the women together talking face to face. Cheryl and Ally are sitting naked in a luxurious bedroom, where Ally asks Cheryl what her fantasy is, and Cheryl commands Ally to masturbate in front of her, while Cheryl watches.
Later, back at her office, Mikki comes on to Cheryl, saying she’s notice Cheryl checking her out, and from behind she starts unbuttoning Cheryl’s shirt, revealing her bare breasts, but Cheryl chickens out and leaves before it can go any further.
Back in the fantasy room with Ally, the two women are laying naked each other as Ally tries to help Cheryl understand what’s holding her back.
Back at the office, Cheryl avoids Mikki, and when James asks Cheryl to dinner again, she accepts. During dinner at his place James says he’s fallen in love with Cheryl and he takes her to bed to have sex. During the sex Cheryl starts fantasizing about Mikki again, and the scene continues with it switching back and forth between Cheryl being with James and then with Mikki. Finally, James stops, noting that Cheryl doesn’t seem to be into him, and they call it off.
Back at the office, Cheryl propositions Mikki, handing her a note to meet her at her place that night. Mikki accepts, and the final scene is of Cheryl and Mikki finally having sex for real in Cheryl’s bedroom.

written and directed by Jon Burroughs.

Annie and Steven (played by Amy Lindsay and Ed Johnson) are a seemingly happily married couple. The opening scene is of the two of them having sex in their bedroom.
Afterward they go to the house of their friends, another married couple, Marilyn and Mark (Summer Knight and Christopher John Kapanke) to celebrate Mark’s birthday. As a gag gift, Marilyn and Mark give Steven a card for a free subscription to the Beverly Hills Bordello website, The four of them gather around the computer and log on, where they join Diane (Kimberly Blair) in a fantasy chatroom. Again, we then see the events as if everyone is in a room together. Diane gets naked and then encourage the others to do so, they each take turns stripping and laughing, like it’s all a game. They play spin the bottle and Annie has to kiss Mark. And then Diane encourages Steven and Marilyn to have sex while she, Annie, and Mark watch. Afterwards the couple log off and split, thinking it was all fun little “cybersex.”
But the next day Annie and Mark log back on and join each other in the fantasy room and they have sex.
We get a brief scene of the 4 couples having dinner together in real life, with Annie and Mark giving each other subtle looks, and then at night while their spouses are asleep they’re back in the chatroom having sex again.
Even though they originally swear to just keep it as a fantasy, we soon see them meeting together at Annie and Steve’s house, while their spouses are at work, to have sex in real life. They’re both nervous but really tempted. As they start to kiss, Mark’s pager goes off (remember those?), it’s from Marilyn. They try to ignore and keep going then there’s a knock on the door. Mark quickly hides under the bed while Annie gets the door, but it’s just the paperboy. When he’s gone she and Mark get on the bed and try to get started, but the phone rings and it’s Steven leaving a message on the answering machine (remember those?), saying he loves Annie and will see her tonight. This makes Mark and Annie both stop, they can’t go through with it.
The finale scene is them back in the fantasy room having sex, determined to keep it there and not real.
Even at the time I thought that was an unusual ending, you’d expect they’d stop altogether and just focus on their spouses, but by continuing the “cyber affair” it still leaves things potentially dangerous for them.

Written and directed by Robert Angelo

This is one episode that I don’t seem to have recorded. At least I can’t find it. So just going by the summary I’ve read online, plus my own memory, I know that Monique Parent and Frank Harper play a married couple, Michelle and Dan. For his birthday, Michelle gives Dan a free pass to the Beverly Hills Bordello. He goes there and is set up with a woman named Sarah (Elina Madison again) and they have sex, while Michelle watches. Afterward, it’s decided that fair is fair, so Dan must allow Michelle to sleep with another man. Veronica (Nicole Gian) sets them up with one of her regular customers, Jacques (Tony Spinosa), who has sex with Michelle while Dan watches. I assume that Dan and Michelle decided to go back to being monogamous after this. Monique Parent is great in everything I’ve seen her in, so I’m sure this was a fantastic episode.

Written by Artie Kemper, Directed by Jon Burroughs

Ted and Tamara (Dutch Flaherty and Lexy Greer) are engaged. They’re happy and in the opening scene after getting sweaty with some aerobic exercise Ted strips Tamara out of her leotard and goes down on her in their bedroom. Afterward they talk about Ted’s bachelor party, which his friends have planned for the next night. Tamara is a little uncomfortable about the idea, but Ted assures her that he’s not going to do anything wrong because he loves her so much.
The next night, the party is arranged at the Beverly Hills Bordello. Ted shows up with his friends Bob (Robert Carin) and Louis (Vincent Lappas) and three other guys who are unnamed, where Veronica (played by Gabriella Hall) greets them and introduces the women, a group of whom all come out in belly-dancing outfits and dance for the guys. The women are wearing veils most of the time, so it’s hard to see whom they are.
One guy is taken to room where one of the women sits hin in a chair and gives him a blowjob and then they have sex. Then in another room, two of the women (Sage Kirkpatrick and J.J. Mantia) strip naked and have sex with each other on a bed while the other guys watch.
Then Veronica announces a special attraction, a woman named Delilah, who comes out to do a special belly dance just for Ted. She takes him to one of the bedrooms and takes off her veil revealing herself to be Tamara, and she Ted have sex.

Written and directed by Jon Burroughs

Bill (Chris Johnston) and Mary (Avalon Anders) are in their bedroom, celebrating 7 years of marriage. They’re both in their underwear and she’s sitting in a chair, and Bill starts to go down on her. He has a scarf that he tries to use to tie her leg to the chair, but Mary stops. She’s not into experimenting with bondage, although Bill admits he’s gotten a little bored with their sex life. So they just go to be unsatisfied. The next day Bill commiserates at work with his coworker Jack (Chris Caldovino), who gives him a card for the Beverly Hills Bordello (yes, the bordello has business cards, that say BORDELLO on it, yet is somehow able to remain operational…nevermind). Bill goes and meets Veronica (Gabriella Hall) who sends him to Vanessa (De’Ann Power). In her room. Vanessa lets Bill tie her hands to the bedposts, while she’s standing, and put a blindfold on her, so he can then have sex with her from behind.
The next night while in bed with Mary, she apologizes for the other night, and admits that she’s been kind of bored with their sex life too. So Bill takes her with him to the bordello so she can watch while he has sex with another prostitute (this one played by Honey Lauren).
Back at home Mary admits to being turned on and now wanting to try it herself. Bill of course think that means she wants to have sex with another woman, which he thinks is awesome, but she says no she wants to be with another man. Bill isn’t happy with that but, much like in WISH LIST, feels like he has no choice, since he’s done it.
So, they go back to the bordello, where Veronica sets her up with Sergio (Chris Villa), and he and Mary have sex while Bill watches (and directs, he tells Sergio what to do to Mary and how to touch her).
Afterward, we see Bill and Mary back in bed together, seemingly happy with each other again.

Written by George Ayvas, Directed by Jon Burroughs

This episode opens with Dennis (Bruce Lurie) at the bordello having sex with Dorothy (Jamaica Charley). Then we see Janet (Kim Yates) interviewing with Veronica (Gabriella Hall). Janet is a struggling college student, who wants to come work at the bordello to pay tuition. Veronica is reluctant because Janet has no experience in this line of work, and she usually prefers to only hire seasoned pros. But after a brief tour, where we get a second scene of Dennis and Dorothy having sex, Janet convinces Veronica to give her a test. There’s one guys who comes in many times, but is always too nervous to go through with it. Veronica introduces him to Janet, and she manages to convince him to go upstairs and have sex (although we don’t see it), so Janet gets hired.

The big twist is that Dennis is actually one of Janet’s college professors. And when they happen to bump into each other at the bordello, it’s an awkward meeting. Janet suggests they have sex, Dennis initially hesitates, but then agrees, so they go up to her room.
But things get awkward again when they return to school. They both try to keep things professional, but we Dennis looking jealous when he sees her talking to a male student. When back at the bordello she get disappointed when she has a customer but it turns out to be some other guy, not Dennis.
Finally Dennis does go back. They talk about their mutual interest in each other, and then have sex again.

A great collection of episodes, all well-directed with some hot sex scenes. This isn’t the complete collection that I’d like, but I highly recommend this. Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS


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  1. The scene in “Things Your Wife…”, where Bill tells Sergio that Mary enjoys manual stimulation, is very steamy. Mary was wearing lacy, slightly see-through panties with a sexy print, and Sergio’s fingers were visible pleasuring her nether region during close-ups (with just a hint of her blonde bush showing). Mary’s vocal reaction to Sergio’s simulated fingering was quite convincing, and the camera panning over her body (with a nice view of her thong and cameltoe) is an added bonus.


  2. What a damn shame that luscious Jamaica Charley didn’t star in more softcore productions. In her episode of “Beverly Hills Bordello,” she easily outshone the female lead (Kim Yates). I love how she stripped off her silk robe, revealing her gorgeous breasts, nicely-trimmed bush, and beautiful face/figure. She rode Bruce Lurie with such fiery intensity, swinging her shapely hips so seductively, prior to which Bruce manually stimulated her while she sat on his lap displaying those oh-so-delicious breasts (with taut nipples). And following the love scene, Jamaica descended the bordello stairs wearing a lacy, white, see-through gown with a delightful view of her white thong panties. Kudos to the writers and wardrobe staff, but mostly to Jamaica, for gracing this show with your classy, sexy, alluring persona!


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