Bare Sex

In 2003, director Woquini Adams and co-writers Edward Gorsuch and April White brought us another “compilation” film. These are films where the studio takes a bunch of sex scenes from previous films and puts them together with a few newly filmed scenes in order to present it all as a new movie. This was a somewhat common occurrence among softcore films in the early 2000’s.

The newly assembled cast are Beverly Lynne and Glen Meadows as Valentine and Dylan, they’re a couple. And Kelli Tyler and Aria play Rose and Celine, they’re also a couple. Barrett Blade plays Mac, their single friend. The two couples and Mac are all hanging out Rose and Celine’s place, which has a nice pool in the back, where everyone is sitting around in swimsuits drinking and talking. They decide to play a weird version of Truth or Dare, which involves each person taking turns telling some sexual story, then everyone has to guess if the story was true or just made up.

That’s the framing sequence. Over the course of the film, as the people tell their stories, Valentine and Rose get nude (it’s part of the “dares”) and make out. Dylan drinks too much gets angry and leaves, and then Valentine ends up with Mac (spoiler, I guess).

Gorsuch and White have written many softcore films and TV shows together and, well, let’s just say that this isn’t one of their most compelling. This is no fault of the cast, as they all do fine jobs with the material that they were given.

There are three new sex scenes with the new cast. a hot lesbian scene between Tyler and Aria which opens the film, and Beverly Lynne has a scene with Glen and one with Barrett.

In addition, there are about 13 sex scenes inserted into this film, all of which are taken from various episodes of the softcore TV series Beverly Hills Bordello. Most are B/G scenes, there’s a couple of G/G scenes. Several scenes are of a couple having sex in a bedroom while a third person watches them through a secret window. Actresses in the scenes include Lauren Hayes, Nikki Fritz, Shauna O’Brien, Sita Thompson, C.C. Costigan, Lizette Oliva, and a few other women that I don’t recognize.

Normally I enjoy movies like this, as I compare them to a “Greatest Hits” album, you just get a bunch of hot scenes, and Beverly Hills Bordello was one of my all-time favorite softcore TV series’. But many of the scenes used here don’t work as well out of context, and they’re very short. I’d rather get a bunch of DVDs of the show and just watch that than watch this.

Chacebook rating: THREE AND A HALF STARS

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