Slutty Wives Club aka To Be True Or Not

This softcore film was originally released in 2009 under the title Slutty Wives Club. I guess at some point the studio, Mainline Releasing, realized that that sounded too much like a hardcore porn film (and the fact that it stars famous hardcore actresses Lisa Ann and Darryl Hanah would just contribute to that misconception) so it was later re-released under the more subtle title, To Be True Or Not.

This is another “compilation film”, as I tend to call them. Although maybe “clip-film” would be better? I don’t know. But this is where a studio takes a bunch of sex scenes from previously filmed movies or TV shows, and then films a few new scenes as a “framing device”, usually having some new actors talking about past events, and those previous sex scenes are presented as flashbacks. When done right it can be pretty effective, it’s like listening to a musical act’s Greatest Hits album, as you’re only getting their best songs. With films like this you’re, theoretically, just getting the best sex scenes which, let’s face it, is the main reason that we watch softcore films.

I’ve reviewed several such softcore films here before like Deviant Fantasies, Secrets Sins, Swingers Sex Party, Bare Sex, College Sex Project, Twisted Desires, and Carnal Candidate Political Kink.

April White is credited as the writer, and Robert Blossom is the director for the framing sequence and new scenes. The new cast is Joe Souza (who has also been credited as Matt Dalpiaz) and Lisa Ann playing Larry and Jill, they’re a married couple, who both happen to be relationship therapists. Daniel Anderson (credited here as Daniel D. Anderson) and Darryl Hanah play Steve and Nikki, a married couple who both happen to be divorce lawyers. The couples are friends, and in this film Larry and Jill go over to Steve and Nikki’s house for dinner and drinks. As the night goes on, the couples share stories about the sex lives of clients of theirs and other couples that they know.

As a framing device, it’s pretty good, it’s a natural premise for people to be talking about such things, which gives a good reason to show the old scenes. There’s also a little subplot where Nikki privately reveals to Jill that she’s a little dissatisfied with her and Steve’s sex life and Nikkie gives her tips on how to approach him to improve things. The film is about an hour and fifteen minutes long. during which we get three new scenes filmed specifically for this movie. One between each couple, and a lesbian scene between the two women. All of the scenes are hot, as both men are softcore veterans and with each lady be hardcore veterans, it’s no surprise that they can make their sex scenes look hot and realistic. I have to say that I particularly love Lisa Ann in this film, she was always one of my favorite porn stars and I wish she’d done more softcore work before she retired.

And we get a whopping 16 older scenes presented here. or 17, depending on how you look at it, I’ll explain it later. Two lesbian scenes and the rest are B/G scenes. Now, the one problem with these types of films is that they never list the actors in those scenes in the credits, nor what previous films they were taken from. So first I’ll list the scenes where I was able to recognize at least one of the participants.

Kristin Price has two scenes, one with Lee Stone and one with a man that I don’t recognize
Jodi Moore has a scene with Lee Stone.
Mandy Fisher has two scenes, one with Frank Harper and one with Massimo Avidano.
Angela Nicholas has a scene with Frank Harper.
And then there’s a scene where it’s Angela and Frank again and Mandy and Massimo again, both couples have sex separately at the same time and the camera cuts back and forth between each couple, so I don’t know if I should count that as one or two scenes?

Wendy Divine has two scenes, one with Frank Mercuri (while Wendy Rice watches) and one with Randy Spears.
Wendy Rice has two scenes, one with Frank Mercuri and one with Billy Chappell.
Monique Alexander has a lesbian scene with Dee and a scene with a man that I think is Rafe Urquhart
Syren has a lesbian scene with Monica Mayhem and a scene with Brad Bartram
Beverly Lynne also has a scene with Brad Bartram.

With so many hot sex scenes from some of my favorite performers, this film is totally worth watching. I recommend it with a Chacebook rating of FIVE STARS

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