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Sorry, I don’t have a DVD cover or poster from the film to include, so I’m just posting images of the two main female leads, Mandy Fisher and Dee. And, beware, this review will contain some spoilers.

This MRG Entertainment film was released in 2005, and it’s one of their “compilation” films, something they and I think some other studios would do back in the day. What they do is they take a bunch of unrelated sex scenes from different movies, and then put them together to create a “new” film, with a minimal cast and some written as a framing device to tie all the scenes together. April White and Ed Gorsuch are credited as the writers and Rex Ryder is the director, that’s of the new scenes.

So Mandy Fisher stars as Nicole, a newspaper columnist who writes about love and relationships. But at the beginning of the film she calls her editor Jackson (Brad Bartram) and says she’s having trouble writing about the subject because she’s gotten too cynical about love lately, since no one seems to believe in it, in her mind. Jackson arranges for her to meet with two of his friends, a married couple, Muriel (Dee) and Richard (Burke Morgan). She’s a divorce lawyer and he’s a relationship counselor. They come to her house that night so they can talk to her about some of their various clients and their relationships and marriages and how they’ve made them work. Jackson joins them later, and also talks about some couples that he knows.

So there’s your framing device and set up for this new story, while most of the pre-used sex scenes are presented as flashbacks, with the participants being these other couples. The most common stories are of couples who decide to spice up their marriage by having threesomes with another woman (and sometimes that leads to the main couple breaking up and one of them going off to start a new relationship with that other woman. There’s one story of a male rock star banging a female groupie in his home. A story of two sisters who were attracted to the same man so they decided to share him, and they each take turns having sex with him (separately, no incest). For the most part, it works, the scenes always fit, although with a couple of errors.

They tell a story of a woman who suspected that her husband was cheating on her, and we get a scene of a man and woman having sex. But supposedly when the woman found out instead of leaving him she decided to join in, so the next scene shows a woman watching that same man having sex, and then joining them, but this time there’s a different actress in the scene.

There’s also a scene where Susan Hale is one of the participants in a threesome, except she also had role in the new framing sequence, she plays Jackson’s lover.

There are a total of 14, yes FOURTEEN re-used sex scenes, I won’t spoil the exact match-ups, but they include one lesbian scene, four threesome scene of one man with two women, and the remaining nine scenes are one man and one woman scenes. And the actors and actresses are an array of experienced softcore and hardcore talent. Gina Ryder, Holly Sampson, Nancy Vee, T.J. Hart, Griffen Drew, Keri Windsor, Syren, Tina Tyler, Summer Fields, Shauna O’Brien, and a couple of others whom I didn’t recognize (they weren’t listed in the credits).
Among the male actors, I recognized Tony Tedeschi, Glen Meadows, and Micah Bradshaw.

All of the scenes are smoking hot, they chose them well. I’ll just say that my favorite one is the one with Syren. I’ve always loved her scenes. And in addition to those fourteen pre-used scenes, three are THREE new scenes filmed for this movie, giving us a total of SEVENTEEN sex scenes in this one hour and thirteen-minute long film.

There’s the scene with Brad Bartram and Susan Hale, and then there’s a lesbian scene with Mandy Fisher and Dee. That latter one is a bit odd, story-wise, as while they’re talking Murial asks to be shown the bathroom, so Nicole takes her to it, but then Dee comes on to Nicole and kisses her, and Dee just automatically goes along with it and then takes her into the bedroom where they have sex. It’s odd because Nicole’s character keeps going on about how no one takes commitment seriously anymore, but then just like that, she’s ready to bang this married woman? Well, it’s a damn hot scene. And the final scene is Mandy and Brad, which is always hot and a little odd considering the story.

Anyway, this is one of those softcore films you watch all the way through with fast-forwarding to the sex scenes, you don’t need to because there’s another one like every 3 minutes. So just sit back and enjoy the show.

Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

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