Swingers Sex Party

This 2007 film from Mainline Releasing is another “compilation film,” that’s where the studio takes a bunch of previously filmed sex scenes from other movies and then films a few new scenes as a framing sequence to insert the old scenes into in order to create a “new” film. I’ve reviewed earlier examples like Carnal Candidate Political Kink, Twisted Desires, College Sex Project, and most recently Bare Sex. It’s that last film that this one has the most resemblance to, as it also involves 5 people, 2 couples and 1 single person, discussing other people’s sex lives. No writer is listed for the new scenes, but it’s directed by J.W. McHausen.

Christine Nguyen and Jack Ketchmark star as Leslie and Paul, who are engaged to be married soon. They’re spending a weekend at Leslie’s rich parents’ mansion in the mountains and have invited their friends Sara and Rick (Katrina Isis and Frank Mercuri) to come stay with them. Also invited were their friends Claire and Chris, but Claire, played by Kelli Brooks, shows up alone saying that she just caught Chris with another woman so their relationship is over. The two couples and Claire get drinks and sit around trying to comfort Claire and end up talking about the relationships and sexual affairs of other people that they know, and that’s where the previously filmed sex scenes get shown as flashbacks. 

It’s not particularly clever (or original) but it’s a decent enough excuse to show the old scenes, but it doesn’t really fit the title of the film, since the couples aren’t swingers and this isn’t a “sex party.” But nevermind.

During this hour and a half long film we get a whopping 15 old sex scenes. Unfortunately, as is typical in these types of films, they don’t include the names of those actors and actresses in the cast, so I can’t identify everyone. There are four scenes in which I don’t know who either of the performers are. They’re all b/g scenes, There’s a man a woman, and the woman looks familiar but I can’t place her name, who have two scenes together. And then there’s a man who looks familiar who has two scenes with two different women that I don’t recognize. 

Of the other scenes there T.J. Hart and Danny Pape, Evan Stone has a scene with a brunette woman who looks familiar and then a scene with Beverly Lynne. There’s a man who sort of looks familiar who has two scenes, one with Monique Alexander and one with Angela Nicholas. Nicole Sheridan has a scene with a man, there’s a threesome scene with Chloe, Wendy Rice, and Brad Bartram, and a scene with just Wendy and Brad. Syren has a lesbian scene with some woman while Glen Meadows watches, two blonde women have a lesbian scene while Eric Masterson watches, and Masterson has a scene with one of the women. 

Despite being frustrated that I didn’t know who everyone is, I can say that all the scenes are very hot and very realistic-looking. This film is truly like a “greatest hits” album, it’s got all the songs you like on it. And on top of that, we get 3 new sex scenes within the framing sequence, featuring the new cast. Christine Nguyen and Jack Ketcham have a scene together and a threesome scene with Kelli Brooks. And Katrina Isis and Frank Mercuri have a scene together. Plus there’s a brief solo scene of Kelli Brooks naked in a bathtub.

Christine Nguyen is one of my all-time favorite softcore actresses, so I always love seeing her in action, and the rest of the original cast do fine jobs with the material they’re given, as well. But really, for the quantity and quality of the sex scenes, so many that you don’t even really need to fast forward through to get to, this film gets my highest recommendation. Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

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