Sexually Insatiable

This 2009 film is from Mainline Releasing and is directed by Tomas Rosemeade, but no writer is credited either in the film itself or on its IMDB page. Perhaps Rosemeade also wrote it? 

The films stars Christine Nguyen, Gwen Diamond, and Jassie as Dakota, Cameron, and Nikki, three young women who live together in a very nice and large house which is owned by Nikki’s parents, while attending college. The premise is that Dakota convinces the other two girls that they all need to be “players” like men. Since men are no good, they should just use men for sex whenever they want and not get emotionally involved or into relationships with any of them. The ladies agree to this “pact” and begin picking up men for casual sex. Except they only seem to know four men. 

There’s Dane, some guy Cameron picked up at her job and brought back home for sex in the beginning of the film. He’s played by softcore vet Billy Chappell. Jack, some guy Dakota knows, played by hardcore performer Johnny Castle.  Sean Juergens plays Steve, a fellow college student that Nikki picks up on campus (despite him looking a bit too old to be a college student, although I guess he could have enrolled later in life). And then there’s Gary, played by Mark Weiler (under the name Matt Wilde, which he used early in his career when starring in softcore films before he later went “mainstream), who rents the guest-house from Nikki’s parents. He’s clearly interested in Cameron, as we can see by his jealous reaction when he sees her with Dane the first time. But when Dane asks the girls if anyone’s interested Gary, Dakota dismisses him as a boring “nice guy.” 

So we see the ladies having casual sex, Dakota calling Jack to come over for a booty call and later we see Nikki bring Steve over to hook up. Then Dakota later comes on to and seduces Jack, and when Nikki finds out she’s upset at first, but Dakota convinces her that they shouldn’t care about any of these men. but Cameron doesn’t understand why Nikki is so quick to forgive Dakota, who it becomes clear is the one who is really pushing this whole “casual sex pact” while the other two ladies are less convinced. But then Nikki hooks up with Dane, and Cameron manages to get together with Gary When Dakota finds out that Cameron has gotten together with Dane, and is taking him seriously, she gets upset. So she convinces Nikki to join her in seducing Dane, telling him that Cameron is cheating on him, in order to break them up. It works, and when Cameron finds out she get pissed and moves out. Nikki feels guilty and confesses to Dane about what they did, and so he and Cameron make up. THE END

I appreciate the attempt at a serious dramatic story. Gwen Diamond, who was a hardcore performer, was given most of the heavy lifting in terms of emotional lines and she does okay. This appears to have been her first softcore acting role, and she may have gotten better with more experience. Likewise, Jassie, also a hardcore performer, rarely showed any range, it was almost like she was reading all of her lines off of cue-cards. Christine Nguyen is always good, but her character comes off a bit one-dimensional, there’s no clear reason for why she’s being so cold-hearted. Nevertheless, the ladies are all attractive and very realistic when acting out their sex scenes.

Gwen Diamond has three scenes, one with Billy Chappell and two with Mark Weiler.
Christine Nguyen has three scenes, one with Johnny Castle, one with Sean Juergens, and the threesome with Jassie and Mark Weiler.
And, in addition to that threesome, Jassie has a sex scene with Billy Chappell and one with Sean Juergens.
The sex scenes are all hot, with the threesome being the highlight for me, and it makes this film worth checking out even if it’s just to fast forward to the sex scenes.

Chacebook rating: THREE STARS

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