Passion Cove: Payday

Lori Morrissey and Amber Newman

“Payday” is the 5th episode of Passion Cove, and in my opinion, it was with this one that the series really began to hit its stride. Written by Leland Zaitz and directed by Carrington Stark, this episode stars Brian Heidik and Cameron Masters as Geoff and Jack, a couple of young aspiring screenwriters who’ve been hired to rewrite a movie script for a famous Hollywood producer. The producer rented the Passion Cove house from Samantha (Caroline Ambrose) for the men to stay there for a weekend, with phones turned off, so they can complete the script with no distractions.

Geoff and Jack arrive at the house and begin to get to work but quickly discover two sexy women named Melanie and Carrie, played by Lori Morrissey and Amber Newman, who happened to be camping in a tent nearby. The next day the ladies come to the house, claiming that their tent go destroyed and asking if they could use the phone to call for a ride home, but since the phone is disconnected in the house Jack offers the ladies to stay in the house with them until Monday when a car will be coming to take the men back home. Geoff initially objects, fearing that the ladies will be distracting, but Jack dismisses his concerns.

Well, Geoff turns out to be right, as the ladies frolic around the house and outdoor in the pool in various stages of undress, as the men try their best to ignore them and concentrate on their writing. And then the women start directly coming on to each man…can they resist the temptation and get their script finished on time? Well, no to the first part, but I spoil the rest. Once again there is a bit of a plot twist at the end.

This remains one of my all-time favorite Passion Cove episodes, which I’ve rewatched many times. The ladies are hot and the guys do their jobs well too. I’ve been a fan of Amber Newman’s in particular for a long time, I actually remember seeing her for the first time on an episode of The Sally Jesse Raphael Show in the early 90’s, where she talked about moving to Los Angeles to become an actress and mentioned that she’d just cast her first role on a show called Erotic Confessions, and Sally made some snide comment about that “sounding like porn.” And then eventually I saw her in Erotic Confessions and recognized her from the show, and from then on would always enjoy her performances as she appeared in dozens of softcore films and TV shows over the next decade or so. And Brian Heidik I remember seeing the first time on an episode of an HBO series called Dream On, in which he played a porn star, and then he would appear in many softcore films (including the first one I saw him, in, Who Killed Buddy Blue? in which he again played a porn star) and then years later he’d gain national infamy after appearing in a season of Survivor.

Another nice change for this episode is that we get four full sex scenes, instead of just three. We get a lesbian scene between Morrissey and Newman, a scene between Newman and Masters, a scene between Morrissey and Heidik, and then it’s capped off with a hot threesome between Morrissey, Newman, and Heidik. That last one alone makes this episode worth watching. It’s great. If I were introducing this series to a new viewer I’d start with this episode to get them hooked.

Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

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  1. Hi Chase. I like Amber Newman as well. Do you know what Amber Newmans birth year is because when I do a search all I get is 1978 but you mentioned Erotic Confessions and the Internet Movie Database says that the episode she appeared in was back in 1995 which would have made her under 18 as she would have been 17

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    • Hey Stephen!

      No, I don’t have much info on Amber, I’ve tried to look her up online for social media accounts before but haven’t had any luck (it’s not exactly a rare name so there’s lots of matches, plus it’s possible she’s using a different name now). I don’t even remember exactly what the topic was for the Sally Jesse Raphael Show that she appeared on, but I think it was something about young women trying to get into Hollywood or posing nude or something like that. So she was still very young and that would be why she was on it. And with Erotic Confessions being her first professional credit (I see IMDB has a couple credited before that, but I’m guessing the EC episode was film first but just aired later) I wouldn’t be surprised if she’d just barely turned 18 when she got cast on the show.

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