Passion Cove: Where Have You Been All My Life?

1Nenna Quiroz 

LeLand Zaitz wrote and Lawrence Lanoff directed this, the seventh episode of the second season of Passion Cove. We have a cast full of returnees to this series. Nenna Quiroz previously appeared (as Alicia Mooreland, a name she used again here) in the episode BLIND DATE, Kim Sill (as Kim Dawson) appeared in BEHIND THE SCENES and Brian Heidik (as Brian Linton) in PAYDAY. All three actors play different characters in this episode than they did before.

Heidik is Roger Barrington, a successful businessman, and Nenna is his personal assistant Heidi. Kim Sill is Barbara Kessel, a successful businesswoman, and Andre T. Silver is her personal assistant, Stan. They’ve all rented the Passion Cove house for the weekend for Roger and Barbara to work on some kind of important business deal.

We quickly learn that Heidi is secretly in love with Roger, there are a couple of scenes of her fantasizing of him confessing his love to her and them being together, but Roger is completely oblivious to this and doesn’t appear to have any interest in her beyonod her job. And then he confides to Heidi that he’s interested in Barbara, and asks her for advice on how to tell her. So while their bosses negotiate (and flirt) together, the two assistants end up hooking up in the pool.

Negotiations don’t go as well as expected, and Heidi offers some suggestions to Brian that help save the deal at the last minute, and this is when Brian realizes that Heidi is the woman for him after all, so all ends well.

Quiroz and Sill are two smokin’ hot ladies, and that’s what makes this episode one of the best. There are four sex scenes, two between Quiroz and Heidik, one between Quiroz and Silva, and one between Sill and Heidik. The episode ends with the hint of Sill and Silva’s character’s getting together two but unfortunately there’s no sex scene between them, that’s the only thing that would have made this episode perfect. But, as it is, I can highly recommend watching it.

Chacebook rating: FOUR AND HALF STARS

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