Nightcap episode 13: Physical Desire

Michelle Von Flotow

This is the 13th and final episode of the one and only season of Nightcap, which originally began airing in the fall of 1999 and finished in early 2000. The writing team of April White and Edward Gorsuch, who wrote the 9th episode of this series, return alongside regular series director David Nicholas.

Michelle Von Flotow stars as Mary. She’s the cousin of Kim’s boyfriend Brad (Lyle Torres). Kim (Kim Yates) is taking some classes in “summer school” and has been complaining that with work she doesn’t have enough time to study. So Brad recommends that Mary, who is on summer vacation while going to college herself, could come and fill-in at the bar for Kim during the summer. Brad then introduces Mary to Nikki (Tane McClure) who agrees to hire her.

Morgan Daniel makes a return to this series, in the second episode Vivid Imagination he played Nikki’s boyfriend Brad, but here he plays a regular patron of the bar named Justin. Mary catches his eye, and so Nikki introduces him, despite knowing that Justin has a bit of a reputation as a ladies’ man. The two of them hit it off and have sex.

The episode then jumps ahead to the end of the summer, it’s Mary’s last day at the bar. We learn that she and Justin have had an ongoing fling throughout the summer, but at Mary’s assistance, it was never serious. Then Justin walks into the bar with a woman named Sydney (Stacy Howell) and Mary seems a little jealous at first. But then Justin reveals that he only brought Sydney there because she wants to have a threesome with him and Mary, and Mary agrees to that. And then the next morning Mary returns to the bar to say goodbye to Nikki and Kim and thank them for all she’s learned over the summer. THE END

This was a good episode to end the series on. We actually four full sex scenes, instead of the standard three. There are two between Kim Yates and Lyle Torres, along with the one-on-one scene of Michelle Von Flotow and Morgan Daniel and then the threesome with Julia, Morgan, and Stacy Howell. All of the scenes were smokin’ hot. Michelle and Morgan had previously starred together in the film Dark Passion/Vipers and the chemistry they had on-screen was amazing. All of this combines to make this an episode that ensures that this series goes out with a bang (pun intended). Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

Overall I’d say that Nightcap was an above-average example of the softcore TV series’ of its era, thanks to in large part to its cast. And the bar setting was a natural way to introduce new characters for their stories. It could have been better if Nikki Fritz had remained in the cast throughout the entire season, and maybe if there had been a little continuity when it came to portraying the regulars’ personal lives. Still, it was good for what it was, and definitely worth collecting.

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