Sexual Quest

Mainline Releasing/MRG Entertainment released this film 2011. Austin Brooks is credited as the director and, just like a previous film of hers, SECRET LIVES, there is no writer credited.

This film is notable because it is an American softcore film that has two Asian stars. Adult film star Charmane Star and Village Person James Kwong play Jamie and Adam, a happily married couple. After hearing about some relationship troubles that Jamie’s friend Kerry is having, which stems from boring sex, the couple decides that they want to avoid falling into a similar rut themselves. So they talk about their various sexual fantasies and plan to act them out with each other. These fantasies include role-playing, like being two strangers who meet in a bar, and Jamie being a stripper.

This is a decent premise which I feel was somewhat underutilized in this film. They didn’t do as much as they could have with the role-playing, which is a natural way to keep the sex scenes between the same couple different. But other than meeting in the bar, where after some brief fake conversation they just go back to their home to have sex, there’s nothing really different.

Ann Marie Rios plays Kerry. Jack Ketchmark plays her boyfriend Kevin, whom she’s been with for 7 months when the film begins but is already feeling bored by their predictable sex life. But then one night she catches him in bed with another woman and she runs over to Jamie and Adam’s house. This part is also a little confusing because first, as she talks to Jamie, she’s crying about it. But then she admits that she was a little turned on by watching two people have sex. This could have been another issue to address in the film, like maybe with her joining in, but it’s pretty much just dropped and Kerry says she’s dumped Kevin. Later in the film Jamie and Adam talk about the possibility of having sex in front of other people, and Jamie suggests Kerry as a possible witness, knowing what she said before, but then they don’t go through with it anyway, so I don’t know what the point was.

Dean Black plays Mike, the bartender at the bar that Jamie and Adam do their role-playing. Kerry had come with Jamie and ends up hooking up with Mike. Duane Carter plays Adam’s coworker and best friend Grant, who also went along to the bar when he picks up a random woman named Cheryl (Victoria White), who turns out to be the same woman that Kerry caught Kevin cheating with earlier. And there’s a bit of a plot twist there, involving these character’s connections to each other. Again I’ll just say that, story-wise, a lot more could have been done there too.

We get nine full sex scenes in this film. Charmane and James get together five times. Ann Marie Rios has two scenes, one with Dean Black and one with Duane Carter). And Victoria White has two scenes, one with Jack Ketchmark and one with Duane Carter).

There is also a brief scene where, as part of James’s fantasy, Charman e and Ann Marie perform a strip-tease/pole-dancing routine together, both getting topless. They should have kept going and made this a lesbian scene.

I wish I could give this film a higher rating, mainly because I do like the casting. More ethnic diversity is something that the softcore genre needed (Kwong previously appeared in THRUST which also had other Asian and POC actors). And Charmane and James have good chemistry together in their scenes. But, as I said, I found the story lacking, it needed a bit more creativity to fully explore the premise.

Chacebook rating: THREE AND A HALF STARS

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