Directed by Paul Miller (under the name Martin Sieracki), who co-wrote the script with Richie Solomon, this 2003 movie (which I’ve seen for sale under the titles Thrust and Maximum Thrust, and I got a special unrated DVD from Spain under the title La Velocidad Del Deseo) revolves around street racing. Robyn Hyden (using the name Natasha Dale) stars as Ava. Ava owns her own mechanic/car shop called Maximum Thrust Racing, which primarily deals with racing cars. She’s also a regular participant in street racing, which is apparently legal in this city, and is something that rival mechanics regularly participate in to increase their business. We learn that a year earlier a man named Freddy was racing for Ava’s shop was killed during a race when his car malfunctioned, causing him to crash. Ava suspects that a rival mechanic/racer named Junior (Aaron Edward) sabotaged Freddy’s car, but she could never prove it. Since then, Ava’s shop hasn’t been doing well, and she’s desperate to get back into the street racing and win again. Along comes the legendary Beverly Lynn Meadows as Bekka, a new amateur racer, whom Ava’s assistant Corky (Nicole Oring) tries to recruit to race for them, although Ava is initially skeptical. Bekka not only has to try to gain Ava’s confidence to let her race for her, she also has to convince her boyfriend Tommy (Curt Jamieson), whom she lives with, to let her race, which he opposes because it’s too dangerous. As the film builds towards it’s climactic final race, we learn that not only is Ava’s business on line, but several people’s lives are as well.

This is an exciting little film, with production values that are a step above your average softcore thriller, as we get some fairly realistic looking racing scenes. No, I wouldn’t say that it’s on the level of the Fast and Furious franchise, but it’s nevertheless impressive. And it’s got a great cast of sexy ladies, which any racing aficionado should appreciate. Robin Hyden is very pretty. Beverly Lynn has black hair in this film, which is a different (but hot) look for her. I think fans of hers will be impressed And Nicole Oring is just stunning. The film also features the amazing Akira Lane, as Junior’s girlfriend Callie. And the film gives us 8 sex scenes.

First, I have to say that another thing that distinguishes this film is it’s use of Men of Color in lead roles, including sex scenes. Frankly, that’s something that you just don’t see very often in softcore films. I can’t tell what ethnicity Aaron Edward is, his skin is kind of light brown, so he might be a Black man. He and Akira have two sex scenes and then he has one with Beverly Lynn. Darron Johnson is definitely a Black man, he plays Anton a man who hosts a video show that covers the street races. He and Nicole have a very hot scene, where first she performs a sexy strip tease for him before they then have sex. And there is also James Kwong (credited as Jacque Saint), who plays another rival shop-owner/racer who sides with Ava, and they have a very romantic sex scene. The remaining scenes are two that Beverly Lynne has with Jamieson, and one that Nicole has with Christian Dion, who plays “Surfer Dude” (that’s the only name he’s given) another racer. The only downside is that several of the sex scenes take place in the mechanic garages, and so the lighting is a little dark, and therefor you can’t see as much as I’d want to see. But what we do see is HOT.

So, fast cars, hot chicks, and an action-packed storyline, what more could you ask for? Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS


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