Passion Cove: The Surrogate

Kira Reed Lorsch

Now ever since I first started reviewing this series here I’ve been waiting to get to this episode, as it is without a doubt my absolute favorite episode of this entire series. Once again it features a stellar cast of actors who have appeared in the series before, now playing new roles.  Kira Reed Lorsch appeared in THE GETAWAY, Lea Marr appeared in WATCHING LINDA, and Micah Bradshaw appeared in RISING STARS.

Written by LeLand Zaitz and directed by Carlton McRea, this episode features Bradshaw and Marr playing Andy and Jessie, a couple who have been dating for a while and love each other, but are having trouble in the bedroom. It seems the problem is that Andy is rich, and therefore is used to getting women without any need to put any real effort into it, so he’s just not that good in bed, and Jessie isn’t that experienced herself so isn’t able to properly guide him how to please her. So they’ve booked a weekend session at the Passion Cove house with famous sex therapist Andrea Blake. But unbeknownst to them, Andrea had to cancel, so when they arrive at the house she’s not there. But who is there is a woman named, Ruby (Kira) who was hitchhiking and is basically a squatter, who snuck in and thought she had the house to herself. Andy and Jessie assume that Ruby is Andrea, and Ruby goes along with the deception and, after quickly reading a copy of Andrea’s book, which Jessie brought with her, she proceeds to present the couple with a series of lessons over the weekend to help them have better sex. These lessons include Ruby separately having sex with each one of them, like a sex surrogate (hence the name of the episode). In the end, with mutual sexual satisfaction finally achieved, Andy and Jessie get engaged, and just as they leave to begin their life together, the real Andrea Blake (played by screenwriter Samm Croft) shows up.

Story-wise, the deception angle is probably unnecessary. Kira could have just been playing the actual sex therapist and I don’t see how it would have changed much of this episode, since it’s not like Andy and Jessie ever discover that she was a fake. But this series did like to have it’s “plot twists”, so I guess that was the reason.

This episode has Four full sex scenes, two of Bradshaw and Marr together and then, as mentioned, each of them has a scene with Kira Reed Lorsch, with the Lorsch/Marr lesbian scene being my personal favorite. Everything about this episode is erotic, Kira really works as a woman you’d want to learn about sex from. The only thing that could have made it any better would have been a threesome scene. The final scene with Bradshaw and Marr looked like it was starting in that direction, as Lorsch’s character gets them going but then she leaves to let them continue without her. Still, as I said, this my favorite episode of this series, I must have rewatched (or, rewatched the four sex scenes) a bajillion times. It’s just shot so well, and Kira Reed Lorsch in particular was just amazing, any softcore TV scene that she appeared in was guaranteed to satisfy the viewer. This is the highlight of the series.

Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

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  1. Kira is the best👌🏼she so fantastic!!! I actually think she’s having real sex whenever I see her films! Her and Micah’s chemistry is so convincing. I can rewatch that scene over and over.

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  2. I enjoyed this episode when I first seen it but I would have liked to have seen Samm Croft also known as Yvette Faulkner and Barbara Fixx have a sex scene in it as she has done a few other softcore movies and tv shows where she has sex scenes and it would have been great to see her also have a sex scene in this Passion Cove episode and I also thought she was hot.

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  3. Interesting, thanks for that extra info! When I saw that the actress in the scene was Samm Croft, whose name I recognize from writing other softcore films and TV shows, I just assumed it was something like maybe the actress the cast dropped out at the last minute and she just stepped in to fill in the role, since it was just a brief appearance. Didn’t know she was actually an actress too. The ending did imply that there would be something happened between her and Kira’s character, I can imagine that would have been a hot scene.


  4. Kira Reed’s acting is smooth. Her line delivery is natural.

    Also, in response to a previous commenter about her realistic sexual performance, Kira’s face always looks like she is having a good time.

    She went from shy to controlling as soon as the scene started. It looks like she broke characrer and could not wait to simulate.

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