Passion Cove: The Getaway

Written by Leland Zaitz and directed by Carrington Stark, The Getaway is the 8th episode of the softcore TV series Passion Cove, which originally aired in 2000.

Keri Windsor and Joey Vie played David and Amy, an engaged couple. David has rented the Passion Cove house for a weekend to spend with Amy, as their last chance to “live in sin” before they get married. Kira Reed Lorsch played Felicity, a woman who shows up on their first day claiming that she’s rented the house for the weekend, to spend with her boyfriend Matt, whom she’s waiting to show up. Amy calls Samantha to find out how this mix up happened, but she only gets her answering machine. So they have no choice but to let Felicity stay for the time being.

Felicity turns out to be a very sexually liberated woman, and within almost no time she’s seduced Amy, and then convinced Amy to let her seduce David while Amy watches. The next morning they get a call back from Samantha, who says she didn’t rent the house to anyone else that weekend. And this is just after they heard on the news that an escaped convict is on the loose in their area. Then at that moment, Matt shows up. He’s a muscular bald man, played by Adoni Maropis, and at first, David and Amy are scared, thinking he might actually be this escaped convict, but that fear seems to disappear surprisingly quickly when Felicity introduces them and suggests that it’s now Amy’s turn to have her last fling before marriage and convinces her to join Matt in the outdoor hot tub to have sex while she and David watch (and then have sex again themselves). The next day as David and Amy are leaving, there is the typical plot-twist that Passion Cove was known for.

With the two leading ladies, there is no way this episode could have been anything less than a classic. Keri Windsor was amazing, I discovered her in softcore films and she was an instant favorite, and only a few years later found out she was also a hardcore performer. Kira Reed Lorsch is an all-time great in the genre, who has since gone on to mainstream acting success, being nominated for Emmy as an actress and winning two as a producer. Both of these ladies were good because not only could they act well, in addition to looking good naked and simulating sex on camera, they both had looks that made them equally believable playing either the innocent woman or the sneaky seductress.

In this episode we five sex scenes. One with Keri and Joey, one with Keri and Kira, one with Kira and Joey, and then we get the double-scene where it switches back and forth between Keri and Adoni and Kira and Joey again.

Great story, great cast, great sex scenes, what more could you ask for? Chacebook rating; FIVE STARS

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