Passion Cove: Silent Night


Alright my dear readers, I know I’ve been AWOL for a while now when it came to updates, sorry about that. Had some personal issues taking up most of my time. Hopefully, I’ll be able to post at least semi-regularly in this coming month. Now let’s get this started with me finishing up my reviews of Passion Cove, the softcore series that debuted on Cinemax in 2000 and ran for two seasons. I’ve got 5 episodes left.

Silent Night was written by Scarlett Rowe (who wrote the first season episode The Lost Cowboy) and directed by Robert Kubilos, and  is a special Christmas-themed episode (although IMDB says it first aired in the month of March), specifically it’s a riff on the classic tale A Christmas Carol. Joey Vie, who previously starred in the first season episode, The Getaway, plays Larry, a man who has a problem when it comes to his relationships with women. Larry really loves taking erotic pictures and videos of his lovers both before and during sex. This is presented as a bit of an obsession, something he always does, which tends to make his lovers feel as if sex is devoid of any emotional connection for him. Sandy Wasco (who’d previously appeared in the first season episode The Vibe) plays Tina, Larry’s current girlfriend. The two of them are spending their Christmas vacation together in the Passion Cove house, but Tina gets upset when Larry tries to photograph as their having sex, and she walks out on him, leaving him alone in the house.

Brandy Davis (who’d previously appeared in the first season episode In Too Deep) plays Marla, the Ghost of Girlfriend’s past, who appears before Larry topless and floating in the sky, and warns him about how his attitude about women is going to hurt him. She takes him back in the past, to when he was a college student, where we see him having sex in the backseat of his car with an unnamed girl (played by Julie Meadows), whom he also convinces to let take naked pictures of her, promising that he’d never show them to anyone. We learn that he used the pictures as part of a project for his Health and Science class, which humiliated the girl and got him expelled from college.

Then Marla takes Larry back to an alternate version of the present where Tina never met Larry, and forces him to watch as she makes love to another man (Lance Moseley), the man she would have been with instead, who he treats her much better than Larry ever did. And then Marla disappears and Cherry Lee, dressed as a dominatrix, appears as the Ghost of Christmas Future, showing him how he as an older man he ends up alone and paying for kinky sex games.

The latest revelation causes Larry to rethink his ways, as he contacts Tina and begs for forgiveness and they reconcile. The End.

This episode was fine, but nothing special. I’m a huge fan of Brandy Davis, but she doesn’t get a sex scene in this episode so she feels kind of wasted. There are three full sex scenes, Vie with Sandy Wasko and with Julie Meadows, plus the scene with Wasco and Moseley, which are all decent but don’t really stand out. This wasn’t a bad episode of Passion Cove, but it’s definitely not one of its best.

Chacebook rating: THREE STARS.

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