Passion Cove: In Too Deep

LoriDawn Messuri

Written by John Quinn and Leland Zaitz, and directed by Leland Price, this is the second episode of Passion Cove. Eric Acsell stars as Matt, who works as the assistant for a man named Sid, who is said to be one of the most powerful movie producers in Hollywood. But the thing is that Matt hates his job Sid is a rotten boss who drives Matt crazy, but Matt puts up with it for the sake of his career. Brandy Davis plays Matt’s girlfriend Janet, who dumps Matt (after a goodbye bang) because she hates that he’s too weak to stand up to Sid.

The episode opened with Matt calling Samantha (Caroline Ambrose) to arrange for Sid, who was already staying at Passion Cove with his girlfriend, to stay an extra night. Then, after banging and getting dumped by Janet, Matt has to drive out to Passion Cove to deliver a movie script that Sid wants to read. Matt drives there and is surprised to find the home broken into and trashed. He meets Mardi (LoriDawn Messuri), Sid’s girlfriend who says had just gone out for a walk on the beach and the house was like that when she came back. Sid had to go back into town for an emergency, that’s why he wasn’t there. Mike decides that he better stay to keep Mardi safe until Sid returns.

Over the course of the rest of the day and night, Mike and Mardi get to know each other, realize that neither of them really likes Sid, and end up sleeping together. The next day Mardi convinces Mike that they should run away together. There’s a bit of a twist ending in the final act which changes everything, but I won’t spoil that (although, admittedly, I kind of saw it coming early on).

This was definitely a better episode than the first one. The writing is more clever, and I really like the chemistry between Acsell and Messuri, who have two hot sex scenes together. Acsell also has a sex scene with Brandy Davis, who was one of my favorite softcore actresses and does her usual great job with this small role. So, all in all, In Too Deep isn’t one of Passion Cove’s best episodes either, but it’s one of the better ones.

Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS

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  1. Hey Chace I just watched this episode and I have to agree with you on the chemistry! LoriDawn always portrays those spitfire characters .Might I add, based on your previous review on Scandal:On the Other Side I decided to buy the dvd! Can’t wait to watch it !! Keep up the reviews I always look forward to them! Makes my day!

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