Passion Cove: Lights! Camera! Action!

Maria Ford

Written by John Quinn and Leland Zaitz, and directed by Carlton McRae, this is the third episode of the classic skinemax TV series Passion Cove, which originally aired in March 2000. Maria Ford stars as Donna Coles, a famous movie star. George Saunders is Cameron, a movie director. Cameron has rented the Passion Cove house in order to film an important love scene for a movie that he’s making starring Donna. At the beginning of the episode, we see Cameron calling Samantha (Caroline Ambrose) to try to extend his renting of the place for an extra day, but she tells him that the house is already booked by a new guest. So Cameron has to finish shooting the scene that day or else the movie may not get finished in time. The problem is that Donna isn’t feeling comfortable enough shooting with her co-star, a rising new actor named Jack (Anthony Auriemma), she doesn’t feel any chemistry with him. We see Cameron attempting to film the scene a couple of times, but it doesn’t go well.
Adding complication to this thing is that Cameron and Donna have started sleeping together. Apparently, he was a history of sleeping with the lead actresses in his films, but he assures Donna that this time it’s different, that he’s serious about her.

And that’s the premise of the episode. Can Donna and Jack find the necessary motivation to shoot the love together and make it look hot before the day is over? Tune in to the episode to find out!

Okay, I guess this isn’t much of a spoiler episode to say, of course they do. But the fun is in watching them get there, and there is a little “twist” at the end of the episode.

Nancy O’Brien plays Kim, the hair and makeup woman on the set. She ends up seducing Jack in his trailer (while implying that this is something she does with many male movie stars), which helps him get the motivation he needs to shoot the scene. And then we get the love scene between him and Donna, and it’s extremely hot, saving the film. There’s also a third sex scene in this episode, which is between Donna and Cameron, but it’s not full sex. She gets nude and hr sucks on her breasts and then gets down between her legs to perform oral on her, but then she stops him before it goes further.

This was a decent episode, although still not one of the best. Maria Ford and Nancy O’Brien are both sexy ladies and good actresses, and Auriemma and Sauders also do well in their roles. But the show was still finding its rhythm, I’d say.

Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS

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