Passion Cove: Ghostly Passion


Alright, after two just-average episodes in a row, the second season of Passion Cove picked up again with this hot one, written and directed by Carrington Stark.

In this episode, we learn that the Passion Cove house is haunted! Some years earlier a couple had just gotten married and were set to spend their honeymoon night there but tragically died in a fire. Now their spirits are trapped in the house. Susan Featherly (who previously appeared in the episode Blind Date) and Christopher Sheffer play Grace and Jason, a couple of ghost-hunters who are investigating the house, while Nancy O’Brien (who previously appeared in Lights! Camera! Action!) and an actor credited here as Jason Stark (yet whom I recognize as Michael Jay, who previously appeared in the episode Music Of Lust) play Miranda and Thomas, the ghostly newlyweds. As they spend the day and night in the house, Grace finds herself seduced by the ghost of Thomas and Jason finds himself seduced by the ghost of Miranda.

After doing some research into the case, Grace and Jason discover that because Miranda and Thomas never got the chance to consummate their marriage, that’s the reason their spirits are stuck in the house, able to interact with others but, for some reason, not with each other. So they come up with a way to get the two ghosts together so they can finally have hot ghost sex and then their spirits will be set free.

Okay, yeah, the story is kinda silly, but it works! It helps that all the actors play it straight. Susan Featherly, in particular, was one of my favorite softcore actresses of the time and she does an excellent job here. Plus the scenes where Grace and Jason each first encounter the ghosts are done pretty well. And we get four full sex scenes, one with Featherly and Sheffer, and then Featherly and Stark, then Sheffer and O’Brien, and finally Stark and O’Brien, all of which are smoking hot. This is one of my most-rewatched episodes of Passion Cove, and one I’d highly recommend to introduce newcomers to the series.

Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

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