Passion Cove: Music Of Lust

Music of Lust is the 11th episode of Passion Cove. Written by Christopher Byrne and directed by Carrington Stark, this episode stars softcore screen legend Monique Parent (credited under the name Marnay Miranda, which according to her IMDB she only used for this one role) as Anna, a professional concert pianist. She’s staying at the Passion Cove house as she practices for an upcoming performance she has in a week. But for some reason she’s having trouble being inspired enough to finish a particular music composition and is worried that she won’t be ready in time for the concert.

Initially, she’s staying at the house with her boyfriend Stefan (Michael Jay, credited here as Bertrand Schafer), but she asks him to leave so she can spend the next couple of days alone because she’s too distracted with him there. Stefan is very understanding and leaves. Then she calls her old music teacher Julian (played by Julian Stark) and asks him to come join her at the house to help her out, and calls Samantha (Caroline Ambrose) to have her fax Julian a map to get there (because, remember, the Passion Cove house is supposed to be extremely private and exclusive). Julian arrives and they spend some time practicing together. That night she seduces him and they have sex (it’s unclear whether this is the first time for them or not).

The next morning Julian has to leave, and Anna seems to be playing much better. But then later that day Anna’s agent Dianne (played by Venessa Blair) shows up, worried that Anna is in trouble and deciding to check up on her. After going for a walk and getting something to eat, Venessa sits and listens as Anna plays the piano for her, and then the two of them end up having sex (again it’s unclear if this is a regular thing for the two of them either). Then Venessa leaves, making Anna promise not to be distracted anymore. The episode ends with Anna happily playing the piano, as a voiceover plays the sound of her calling Stefan and leaving a message on his answering machine (remember, this was the year 2000) letting him know that she’s “gotten her groove back” and wants him to return to the house to stay with her. So it’s a nice happy ending for everyone (well, except for poor Stefan who’s clearly unaware that Anna cheated on him twice while he was away, but nevermind).

Okay, so, storywise, this episode is kind of light. But it’s saved by its star. Monique Parent is always a joy to watch, she’s the kind of actress who can elevate any material that she’s given and this role was no exception. And, as always, she was never shy showing off her body. In addition to the three sex scenes we get with her (the opening scene is her and Michael Jay), we also get scenes of her swimming in the pool topless and then fully nude, as well as a scene of masturbating while naked on a bed. It’s all really hot stuff, making this one of Passion Cove’s better episodes.

Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

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