Laraaava Of Mars

This is the third and final short story in author Natalee Woods’ Breast Monsters From Mars trilogy, which began with the story under that name and continued with Strippers From Mars.

It’s now been 12 years since the events of the previous story and NASA is sending yet another space to Mars to find out what happened to the crews of the first two ships. Again, no explanation is given for why it’s taken so long to send another ship or why, despite the time passed it still takes nine months to get from Earth from Mars. This time the ship’s crew is comprised of Laraaava Lopez, the ship’s Captain. She’s a short sexy Latina with long black hair and huge breasts (just my type, actually). Lt. Hauk Wyborn is a huge extremely muscular man, he’s said to be a former special forces military veteran, and bodybuilder. And then there’s Charity McFly, a shapely blonde woman who happens to be a virgin. Like on the other crews, as soon as the ship takes off, two of them start fucking.

That’s Laraaava and Hauk. Despite her being his commanding officer, he’s in control and takes her with seeming force. Covering her mouth as she tries to scream, gripping her wrists as she futilely fights back. Flipping her on her stomach, grabbing her hair, and ramming his hard 9-inch cock into her from behind, before flipping her over on her back and taking her missionary style, even slapping her in the face a couple of times, before unloading inside of her. Of course, it’s all actually consensual, as it turns out that this all roleplay for the two as she likes to be dominated by him.

The story jumps ahead 9 months, to the day before the ship lands on Mars. Laraaava and Hauk someone managed to continue their affair the whole time with Charity finding out. Behind Laraaava’s back Hauk had also been attempting to seduce Charity, with hopes of eventually arranging a threesome. She’s resisted him until the day when, with the help of some alcohol, she succumbs to his charms. And it’s a similar experience with him dominating her. And when it’s over, Laraaava notices that Charity has some trouble walking, although she doesn’t know why.

On Mars, Captain Stone’s power has grown unabated, as he’s killed more Martian men and taken their wives as his own. There’s no reference to how old he must be at this point, with it being 22 years since he first landed on Mars, but he doesn’t seem to have slowed down any. We’re introduced to him getting a blowjob from a random Martian woman while Riva warns him of the imminent arrival of the new Earth ship which she senses with her telepathic abilities. Fearing a possible threat to his leadership, Stone arranges and an ambush, taking a bunch of Martian warriors with him to the site where the two previous ships had landed on Mars. But Laraaava wisely figures that they should probably land somewhere else, not the same place as the first two ships since they obviously never made it back. So they avoid the ambush. I won’t say too much more, as I’ll avoid spoiling the ending of this series. I’ll just say that it reaches a surprising but definitive end.

I’ll admit, personally, this is my least favorite story of the trilogy (not by much, I’d give it FOUR STARS) mainly because it’s lacking in alien sex, outside of that one blowjob mentioned earlier. But that’s not to say that the sex scenes between Hauk and Laraaava and Charity weren’t good. As I noted from the first story I read by Natalee Wood, she is very good when it comes to writing sex scenes, she has a way with words that put descriptive images in your head, which is the best quality you want in a writer of erotica. I do wish we got the threesome that Hauk was hoping for, though. Although this story officially ends the trilogy, Wood does seem open to the possibility of writing more Mars stories, and I’d be interested in reading that if she does. There are a lot of hints dropped in all three stories to a rich history of ancient Mars before any humans arrived. I feel like there’s a lot of stories that could be told in that past, expanding upon Martian history. Also, more stories could be told of Captain Stone’s time on Mars, showing how he built his empire in the 10 and 12 years in between the first and second and then second and third stories.

Overall this is a good sci-fi series of short stories that I can recommend you check out.


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