“Breast Monsters From Mars” by Natalee Wood

After reading her short story My Best Friend’s Mom, I took a look at some more of Natalee Wood’s catalog and this story stood out to me, because it’s sci-fi, and that’s a genre I’ve always liked, and like to see mixed with erotica. So I got it.

This is a 31-page story and Ms. Wood packs a lot into it. I’m not sure exactly when this story is supposed to take place, it could be present-day or “the near future.” Our lead character is David Stone, he’s leading the first manned mission to Mars from Earth. He’s described as an attractive well-built man in his 30’s. The only other traveler on his space ship is Dr. Mary Woodcock, who is described as a sexy woman, 5’5″, with long light brownish blonde hair and big breasts. Why there are only two people on this mission is not revealed. We learn that their flight to Mars took nine months, and despite the fact that Mary is married, on the very first night of the trip she and David started fucking.

The sex is described graphically, french-kissing, her sucking his think 8-inch cock, then him laying her down and fucking her, bending down to suck on her tits until milk starts coming out (there’s no mention of her being pregnant or nurses and she seems to be just as surprised when her tits start producing milk) until she has a wild orgasm, then he turns her around and fucks her ass until they both cum again. Woods writers this very well, I could easily imagine all the action as I read it. And apparently, they continued their sexual relationship for the rest of the nine months they were in space.

When they get to Mars, they discover that it’s inhabited. Here Woods seems to take her cue from Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter of Mars stories. Mars was once home to an advanced civilization, but as climate change turned the planet dryer, the civilization regressed to more a pre-industrial society. It’s Patriarchal, where men have more than one “wives”, who live with them and obey their every command. Martians look somewhat like humans except for being much taller on average (the men are over 7 feet, the women just below or around that), having reddish skin with black hair, and the women have extremely large breasts. They also tend to walk around nude. Upon arrival on the surface of Mars David and Mary immediately encounter a male Martial named Cu who violently attacks David and David manages to kill Cu with his gun. Then they go out to explore and find Cu’s home, where they meet his two “wives”, Riva and Lia.

The Martian women take the news of Cu’s death in stride as neither liked him very much anyway. But they explain now that as per Martian custom, they now belong to David and proceed to seduce him. And then we get a hot description of a mini-orgy, or four-way, between David, Mary, and the two Martian women.

The next day David and Mary prepare to leave, although Riva and Lia beg David to stay. David promises to come back with a larger ship so he can take them back to Earth with him. But when David and Mary return to their ship, they find it’s been wrecked beyond repair…

And that’s the cliffhanger ending. This was a great story, it was short and relatively to the point. Natalee Woods knows how to write scorching hot sex scenes, and she also does a good job at world-building. We get just enough knowledge about the status of Martian society to fill in the background without wasting too much time before getting to the graphic sex scenes. If you like sci-fi erotica, this story is for you!

Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS


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