My Stepmom and Aunt Keely (3 Book Series) by Natalee Wood

Tonight I’m reviewing another collection of short stories from erotica author Natalee Wood. The main thing I like about Wood’s writing is her descriptive style when it comes to the sex scenes, she makes it very easy to visualize the action in your mind, which is key in written erotica. I had some complaints about the way she writes her plots when I was reading her Breast Monsters From Mars series, namely that the situations leading up to the sex in her stories aren’t always very realistic. But now I think I have a better idea of what type of writing she does.

She says her stories are aimed at men, and it seems like she’s writing basic male sexual fantasies. They’re almost like the stereotypical gonzo porn flicks. They’re not overly complex or realistic, they’re fantasies in which a guy meets a hot woman he wants to bang and she’s immediately down for it. That’s what a lot of guys, especially younger men, think about when they’re jackin’ off, and that’s what Natalee Wood writes. Knowing that, I judge her stories accordingly. If you’re looking for stories with a lot of build-up to the sex, then her work is probably not for you.

So this trilogy of short stories here tells of the sexual adventures of 23-year-old Mike DeFranco. He’s the protagonist from a previous Natalee Wood short story I read, My Best Friend’s Mom. I guess he’s a regular character of hers. He’s a graduate student at the University of Memphis, majoring in history, with plans to be a history teacher. His parents are divorced and he’s been living with his father while in college. And like in that previous story, these are all told from Mike’s POV.

In the first story, Home Alone With My Stepmom!, which is 18 pages long, Mike meets Alicia, who is actually his stepmother in this story.  Mike’s father has hired her to tutor him over the summer to make sure he graduates.  And then he privately tells Mike that he plans to ask Alicia to marry him. But as soon as Mike’s dad leaves them alone after he goes to work, they go up to Mike’s bedroom to study, and before you know it Alicia’s coming on to Mike which leads to her giving him a blowjob and then him bending her over his desk and fucking her until they both have mutual orgasms.

Again, the sex is very hotly described. And we’re told that the two of them carried on this affair for the next 6 weeks until summer was over and Alicia married Mike’s Dad.

Home Alone With Aunt Keeley is the sequel, which is 23 pages long. In this story, set about six months after the first one, Alicia and Mike’s dad are married now. Mike learns that Alicia has an older sister named Keely, who is said to be a bit of a flake who always needs money, and Mike’s dad is sick of just giving it to her so they’ve agreed to hire Keely to be their housekeeper. With Mike’s dad away at work and Alicia out with some friends, Mike is home alone when Keely arrives, and she’s just as hot as her sister.

Well, Mike ends up catching Keely in the act of stealing some cash out of his father’s bedroom when she was cleaning it, and Keely is desperate to convince Mike not to tell on her. So desperate in fact that soon she’s on her knees giving him a blowjob, followed by him fucking her right on his father and stepmother’s bed.

Family Road Trip is the 54-page climax to this little saga. Alicia is convinced that Mike’s dad is cheating on her, and she convinces Mike to drive with her down to Dallas where his father is at some business convention, in order to catch him in the act. Mike agrees but when Keely finds out about the trip (although they don’t tell her the real reason for the trip) she insists on coming with them.

There are some small sexual encounters early in the story like Alicia secretly giving Mike a blowjob under his desk while he’s talking to Keely, who doesn’t know she’s there. And then during the road trip, Keely encourages Mike to fingerbang her in the front seat as he’s driving, while Alicia is in the backseat completely unaware. But Mike’s dream really comes true halfway through the trip when they stop at a motel to spend the night, but the place only has one room with one bed available, so they all take it and that night they end up in a hot threesome, that includes Keely riding Mike’s cock while Alicia sits on his face. The ladies even get involved in a bit of girl/girl action (which is incest, but it’s the hot kind of incest). I won’t spoil the climax of the story, but it takes a few unexpected turns, and it’s clear that Natalee Wood isn’t done writing the sexual adventures of Mike.

If you’re looking for some hot descriptive sex stories between a hard young man and two horny older women, this series is erotic short stories is sure not to disappoint. Chacebook rating; FIVES STARS


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